Betsy DeVos’s Beliefs on the Education System

Betsy DeVos was appointed as the Secretary of Education earlier this year, paving the way for changes within the entire department now under control of the Republican party.

Transgender Rights Reversed
Education secretary Betsy Devos has a brief meeting with the Education Department’s representative of gay and transgender employees to warn them in advance of President Trump’s impending actions to repeal the federal restroom policy for transgender students set in place under the Obama administration.

During the meeting, she an aide assured the representative that Ms. DeVos tried to prevent the reversal from happening, although she gave no public sign of her opposition. DeVos joined Trump in announcing the new policy, followed by an announcement on Thursday to the Conservative Political Action Conference that the guidelines were a prime example of what she stated as an example of the ‘Obama Administration’s overreach’.

DeVos’ Political Background
Individuals who had the opportunity to interact and observe Ms. DeVos over the years during her time as a leading advocate of charter schools and school vouchers, as well as a Michigan Republican Party chairwoman (96-00) and major donor to the Republican party, have warned others that she will be a rather submissive team player for the Education System.

In her home state, she maintained the reputation of a relentlessly determined individual that was effective in achieving her goals while utilizing her family’s fortune. She instilled fear in opposing individuals in order to pass legislation and unseat lawmakers who stood against her. Mike Cox, a former state attorney general, explained that she did so, not only because she is a billionaire but because she is very determined to achieve goals once she develops them. DeVos used her wealth to punish those in opposition while also rewarding individuals who stood beside her in support.

Critics and admirers expect DeVos to build ties within the Education Department and get her way, regardless of the fact that she has no experience inside government and minimal history with the president.

Background Influencing DeVos’s View on Funding
Over the years, DeVos and her husband have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Potter’s House, a K-12 Christian school five miles outside of Grand Rapids. Given DeVos’s cultural ties to the Netherlands and her hometown’s ethnics, it is no surprise to many that she believes public schools do no deserve equal public funding. In the late 1800s, there was a great debate over what public education should look like.

Several Liberal politicians believed secular public schools as opposed to religious schools, which they believed did not deserve equal public funding. Critics see a clear violation of the commitment to separate church and state, while others view it as a basis for equal treatment.

Given the push to utilize public funding within the private education system, as well as the quick tackle of transgender rights, it is difficult to tell if there is a true separation of public and church or if the entire system is moving toward combining the two once and for all. Learn more:

How Fabletics Benefits from Positive Reviews by its Consumers.

Fabletics is a clothing company established in 2013 that ensures all its products are up-to-date regarding fashion. The company earns an incredible reputation in the business world for being a firm that grew its net worth into a $250 million within three years. Fabletics prides itself on being founded by renowned professionals who include Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg. Hudson is well-known across the universe as an actress who has achieved in the corporate world despite being an individual who lacked knowledge and skills in the business world. Don and Adam are recognized for being founders of Techstyle Fashion Group, a renowned company in the online fashion world. The clothing company began through an incorporation with Techstyle, which saw Fabletics sharing resources including employees and funds. Its resilience towards success in the fashion world has made it become a stylish brand that produces quality workout gears.


The clothing company has grown over the years to become the leading producer of athleisure brands in the market across the universe. Their products are recommended by celebrities and personalities like Demi Lovato, who are seen wearing Fabletics outfits during workout sessions. Employees of the company including Kate Hudson, promote the authenticity of the brand through wearing the workout gears while exercising. The clothing encourages its customers to take a lifestyle quiz, which ensures that individuals are well-groomed by matching them with costumes that are fit. Since its establishment, it has grown to become the leading company with over one million customers. The firm has expanded its business across the globe through online social networks including Facebook. The corporation earns positive reviews and recommendations from clients who appreciate reliability and efficiency within the firm, experienced during an online purchase of outfits.


Kate Hudson uses her skills in design, sales, marketing, and accounting, to ensure the success of Fabletics. The firm’s success in the business world saw it being awarded a top rating by the Better Business Bureau. The company incorporates a data approach technique that assists it during research in the trending fashion as well as knowing customer preferences in the market. The corporation is set aside for being able to meet and exceed needs of clients on an online platform. Fabletics has several departments including a customer care division that ensures consumer satisfaction. The clothing company has the highest number of merchants in the fashion industry. The firm is managed by Gregg Thorgmartin who serves as its president.


With the rise of the number of consumers relying on reviews and recommendations of products, Fabletics has taken into consideration social media strategies that offer a platform that customers can post their views. The company believes that crowd-sourced reviews influence the decision of a buyer to purchase a commodity. Positive comments about products encourage a consumer to buy the product, which in turn increases the revenue of a firm. Fabletics works on customer behavior to ensure that needs of clients are met. Affirmative reviews attract more customers alongside retaining previous buyers. Favourable opinions of consumers place a product on the top rank involved during searching of commodities online.

What’s to Love About Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water?

Everybody knows that there’s certainly no shortage of companies bottling water these days. All you have to do is go to your local grocery store and see them all lined up on the shelves. In fact, it’s a $100 billion industry worldwide. And, did you know who currently consumes the most bottled water of all? Italy!

They’re Not All Alike

So, contrary to popular opinion, not all bottled waters are the same. Some, for one reason or another, are simply better than others. Is it the packaging, where it comes from, or the process that make them different? Well, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water does stand out from the rest. First of all, it comes from Hawaii, which in itself, generally makes us all think of fresh and natural. In addition, “wai akea” in Hawaiian means “broad waters.” And, the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water’s filtering process consists of running the water through 14,000 ft. of porous volcanic rock at the Mauna Loa volcano.

Degradable Bottles

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is better for the environment, too. Why? Well, because they are a step ahead of their competition since they care about the environment and use plastic bottles that are degradable and made from recycled plastic. And, the company has been certified “Carbon Neutral” for utilizing vehicles that are low-emission for delivering their products. In addition, three percent of the revenue is going to non-profits and local community programs.

Bottom-Line: It Tastes Great!

And, the very best thing about Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is, of course, the taste. This water simply tastes amazingly fresh, which is what it’s all about. If it didn’t taste so good, it wouldn’t be as popular as it is with the bottled-water-drinking public. That’s what makes it so unique and sets it apart from all of the many other bottled waters on the market today. And, the fact that they’re so environmentally friendly, makes this company a breath of fresh air, much like you might find in Hawaii.

Louis Chenevert Looks to the Future

As a leader, Louis Chenevert understands the importance of investing in future endeavors. He is the type of CEO who has always led by example. When Chenevert took over a company, he wanted to turn it into a place that everyone would be proud to affiliate themselves with. Louis was appointed as the head executive of United Technologies Corporation. He influenced the culture by supporting different ideas and listening to people who were able to bring a new perspective about business. Louis believes in thinking with the long and short term in mind. UTC has been a front-runner in the technology industry since Louis Chenevert took charge. He allowed creative thinkers to make an impression with their talent. These were the types of technicians and executives that shaped UTC into a company that impacted the US economy in a positive way.

Technology changes at a rapid rate. The demand for the next new gadget will never end. Louis Chenevert made a plan to hire over 25,000 people within a three-year time frame in the United States alone. This was a serious move by Louis, who wanted to show the company was committed to the type of creativity it always talks about.

When the main organization is pushing for growth it inspires all of its other affiliate brands. Chenevert treated his suppliers with extreme sensitivity so that they can deliver the best product possible. UTC outsources a great deal and is very careful about maintaining positive business relationships. This is why Chenevert invested heavily in the support system of the company. UTC put up over 40 million dollars in the span of 3 years for suppliers.

Technology is created by intelligent people. UTC always provides a solid base for brilliant minds and encourages its employees to push past traditional limits. The company supports a scholarship program which allows its team members to seek an education in whatever feel they feel passionate about. UTC pays for it no matter what the specialty is. This is done in order to inspire motivational thinking.

Louis Chenevert is originally from Quebec, Canada. He attended HEC Montreal, which is a school a business located within the University of Montreal. He completed a bachelor’s degree and moved forward into the business world. Chenevert had a 6 year stay with Pratt & Whitney before joining UTC. Lewis also did 14 years at General Motors. In 2014, Louis Chenevert decided to leave his role as CEO at UTC.

Sussex Healthcare, An Award Winning Provider Of Nursing And Residential Care

Sussex Healthcare is a prominent care center dedicated to providing support services to the elderly. The healthcare provider is fully aware that choosing the best care home for the elderly is an important decision and is committed to offering a comfortable and safe environment with personalized stimulation and support to achieve maximum social, physical, emotional, and intellectual capacity. Service users live healthy lives and respect their caregivers. With assistance from nursing teams and Sussex Healthcare’s training academy, senior people with various complex social care and health needs are well taken care of. Additionally, Sussex Healthcare offers respite and residential care.

Additional Services Offered by Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is committed to offering excellent care to people with Dementia. It uses a personalized care approach and offers dementia training to its staff. Usually, the staff is offered on-going learning and development opportunities to make them better professionals. Sussex Healthcare respects its service users and takes time to know them better. This helps them develop personalized care to every service user. Facilities are tailored in a special way to ensure familiarity and comfort for service users with memory loss.

Sussex Healthcare believes that its service users are special, unique, and deserving people. It helps service users remember days gone using memory boxes and familiar items. Homes have unique activity programs such as art therapy, reminiscence sessions, and cookery. Additionally, the care homes offer professional support to various conditions, such as acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, and Huntington’s disease. The homes are headed a team of dedicated and fully trained staff.

The company also offers in-house physiotherapies, language and speech therapists, and physiotherapy assistance. It also provides alternative therapies including aromatherapy and reflexology. Sussex Healthcare’s homes have round the clock nursing care, hydrotherapy/spa pools, and passionate activity staff. Thanks to its training academy, the staff receives training to help them take care of service users better. Moreover, the staff closely works with specialist and consultant teams, including St. Thomas hospitals, Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders, and National Hospital for Neurology. With these close links, staff teams are able to take care of service users with acquired brain injury.

The head offices of Sussex Healthcare are located in Dorking Road, RH12 3RZ, UK. The company has been in business for more than 25 years and has won numerous awards for its commitment to caring for the older people. It relies on modern, innovative technologies to provide high-quality services.

Energy saving tips by Stream Energy

No one hates news that improves his or her welfare. Stream Energy has great news for energy consumers, a discovery that will leave their economic well-being better. The company knows the plight of consumers who have to bear substantial energy bills that are hard to explain. Many consumers of energy have been through such moments bills escalate in a manner that does not reflect the situation in their homes.

Stream Energy has good news for power consumers, which it is possible to make significant savings by merely observing specific simple measures. Many consumers may not have realized it, but gadgets that are plugged in still use energy whether they are being used or not. These are the energy vampires that have been inflating your energy bill without your knowledge. Thankfully, Stream Energy has come up with tips that energy consumers can use to escape such losses.

Well, there is no magic to escape from these vampires. It merely calls for diligence in switching off all household gadgets that are not in use. It helps to shut down the devices that are not in use or to place them under energy strips. It will translate to unbelievable savings at the end of the month. Learn more at Biz Journals about Stream Energy.

Statistics show that you can save up to $130 annually by practicing these tips for your entertainment system. You also stand to salvage up to $36.80 by doing the same for other household items such as computer screens and printers among others. This money may look small, but it is not worth wasting.

Stream Energy was founded in 2004 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, following deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. It has its headquarters in in Dallas but has operations in other states such as Maryland and New Jersey. View the company profile on

Through the use of direct selling, the company has revolutionized the energy industry. Its services have been ideal for consumers on the move, ensuring they are connected anywhere they go. It has a wide range of services, categorized as energy services, wireless services, protective services and home services. These services have always worked seamlessly to meet the unique needs of consumers.


NewsWatch TV Reviews

Although it may seem unimportant for many people, it is true that marketing a product is as important and crucial to its success, as its quality. There might be a product which has a great potential to be successful among its target audience, but, if the product is not marketed properly, then it won’t be able to hit its audience, and would thus lead to a path of losses.
To cater to these issues and make a product reach an ocean of viewers, NewsWatch TV had launched a series back in the early 90s to showcase newer products every week and talk to their producers and even review the products.
Recently, an acclaimed designer of the accessories of mobiles collaborated with NewsWatch to market a new product, which was a new segment of mobile PCs. It was produced by Avianca’s subsidiary company, known as Ockel and they collaborated with NewsWatch while organizing a funding program.
It was Eckel’s second collaboration with NewsWatch and the first time they had collaborated with NewsWatch, the sales skyrocket, and over-exceeded everyone’s expectations; and thus, lead to the conclusion that NewsWatch was one of the main reasons for its popularity and success.
Regarding the effort put up by NewsWatch, they managed all the aspects of the production, right from flying in and from Germany, pre, and post-production activities as well as conduct interviews with all the prominent individuals in the development of the product.
And apart from all the aspects of the production of the video, NewsWatch also looks over the editing which is to be done after production ends.
Thus, as a result of a successful marketing campaign on NewsWatch TV via a one minute video, Avanca ended up generating $456,551 over a period their first month of the crowdfunding campaign, approximately $440,000 more than what they had estimated.
The simultaneous broadcast of their product launch, as well as the crowdfunding project, lead to its tremendous success among its target users.
Since, its launch in the early 90s, NewsWatch has been viewed by approximately 700 million people and this has made it one of the most popular independent production houses on the television. Aired on Ion Network as well as the AMC Network, it mainly focuses on the launches of new tech devices, travel, and tourism, entertainment, cars and bikes, legal matters as well as public issues.

Successful career story of Malcolm Casselle

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) was created so that the platform could enable anyone that was interested in participating in the virtual games assets that would be in the marketplace at the moment. WAX has come up with some improved features that were not even there previously like it will reduce the transaction cost and even create a marketplace for the games.

Malcolm Casselle attended the MIT university and Stanford University, though he was not only concerned with getting the computer science degree, he was involved in so many other activities in the college. He speaks both Japanese and Mandarin. Over the four years, he was in the school. He got involved with the undergraduate research programs that were taking place. By the time he was age 17, he was certified with the electron microscope. The research programs are what made him good in what he does at the moment. Because in every semester there was always a different project that they were supposed to handle. The research projects made Malcolm Westley be someone that had a mind of exploration, and it was easy for him to solve any problem.

Malcolm Casselle is currently the CEO and president of the WAX and the CIO. The Worldwide Asset eXchange is the number one place in the market that will be able to give users the opportunity of buying and selling items from the online video games. Before he joined the WAX, he was the president and the CTO at the tronc. He was responsible for the overseeing of the rapid growth. Previously, Malcolm, he has been leading the startup of some of the digital industries like the MediaPass. He invested a lot in other companies that have done well like Facebook, Zynga, and the clockchain.

Earlier in his career, he was a co-founder of the PCCW. A telecom that was based in Hong Kong and the current value of the company is $35 billion. During his time at the PCCW, he assisted in the raising of the funds that could be used in the public offering and other millions that were used in other private transactions.


The American Institute of Architects On The Surprises of Their Field

Architecture is one of those fields that can offer a rather surprising amount of contributions to society. Many individuals do not realize the immense impact that the simple design of a group of buildings can have on their psyche. Architects realize it in spades, however, and the American Institute of Architects recently delineated some of the all-too-subtle ways that architecture can change society for the better. Consider the following factors:

  1. Architecture can have an affect on individual health.

Perhaps surprisingly, buildings can have an effect on individual health simply by the fact that individual structures can be designed to promote exercise. The architecture of a given area can include stairs and lack elevators, and by doing so a person would have no choice but to utilize the stairs. Moreover, the architecture of an area can also include walkways that slope along a path, impressing upon people their need for a vigorous walk.

  1. Materials selection in architecture can also provide a huge public service.

The materials that an architectural space can provide can also play a huge role in public health. The materials of a location can either make or break the health of a group of people. If the materials are hazardous, then that naturally can be problematic and could even lead to possible liability issues down the road.

  1. The American Institute of Architects is looking to promote competition by sponsoring hackathons and device apps.

The American Institute of Architects wants to continue to be a force for the better in our society, and they are looking to do it by sponsoring events that promote competition. One way to do this is through hackathons. Anything that promotes a healthy competition is a good thing for the architectural field. Moreover, they also firmly believe that ingenuity will only be fostered because of their willingness to sponsor new device apps as well.

Going the Exta Mile

It’s not too often that it is so evident that an organization is going the extra mile to improve society, but in this case the AIA is doing it on a supremely consistent basis. We can definitely look forward to the AIA being a continued force for good in our country in the years to come. Read more:

Is Securus Technologies that Reliable in the Provision of Inmate Telecommunication Services?

There is nothing that is more challenging than having a loved one in a correctional facility. What used to make the situation even more complicated was the fact that a few years ago, it was close to impossible to find an affordable way of communicating with these people. However, things have greatly changed in the past three decades, especially since companies like Securus became main players in the business. We wanted to find out what customers think about the services offered by the corporation, and this is what they had to say.


One of them stated that she needed a reliable way to communicate with a loved one who was in a correctional facility. The primary challenge that she had was the fact that because it was the husband, she found it a little bit upsetting to take the children down to the facility. She was really impressed when she learned that it was possible to set up a video conferencing-like facility with the correctional facility. She says that now, anytime her kids want to speak to their father, she just calls the friendly and dedicated customer service representatives and they help her with the scheduling of the call.


Another customer confided that he had a problem with the debit phone system and was unable to make his usual phone call to his brother. What impressed him was that when he called the company, and it was late in the night, they got the guy responsible for the connection, and his communication was restored.


Securus has been the best player in the world of telecommunication provision to the inmates. They have been operational since 1986, and they are based in Texas. The company has a client base of more than 20,000 correctional centers across the country. It is easy to see that they will be even more successful in the future.