The Oxford Club Gives Investors the Chance to Outperform the Markets

Can you imagine life tethered to ordinary, average market returns that really get you nowhere fast? The folks at The Oxford Club can’t and they have as their goal the notion that financial independence can untether individuals who avail themselves of their market-beating products and services. They are a network of private investors with an entrepreneurial bent that seeks out the best, most explosive market vehicles that can produce life-changing wealth.

If a better quality of life is an issue for you then The Oxford Club might be a good fit for your investing goals. They are focused on helping their members succeed in the markets to the extent that one’s focus can shift to the most important things in life like family, friends and helping others to craft a stronger community.

The Oxford Communique is the main newsletter in the stable at The Oxford Club and it is the brainchild of noted author Alexander Green. He’s a New York Times best-selling writer who’s also the Chief Investment Strategist for the club. With this high-quality offering, members are able to access the experience and expertise of Green as he analyzes market trends, trading strategies and offers sound investing advice.

The Beyond Wealth essay series is also one of Green’s endeavors and it has proven to be a popular addition to the newsletter. This gives him the chance to articulate his thoughts on various subjects including politics, philosophy and healthy living as well. This newsletter has received accolades for its performance several times and offers a great deal to its subscribers.

The Oxford Club is also home to several trading services that identify market segments that have the capacity to outperform and produce outsized returns. The Momentum Alert is a good example of this and it’s an investment strategy that has been studied extensively in academic circles. The evidence has borne out the validity of momentum strategies and when coupled with the research experts at The Oxford Club a superior product has been devised.

The membership roll of The Oxford Club now contains over 157,000 individuals spread across 131 countries. They continue to grow and give each member the opportunity to create lasting wealth for their families.

Leading a Full Life: Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a man who is living the good life now but it was not always easy for him. He grew up in Palestine and knew early on that he had to work hard to be a success in life. He was born into a big family. He earned his Master’s degree in Egypt and went on from there to live in London and finally the United States. He has always wanted to help children in any way he can. He has also created inventions to advance the course of pediatric surgery in the United States and has two patents for his inventions as well. He also makes sure to go back home to Jerusalem to help the children there. He gives of his time freely to help those that need a doctor’s care the most. He talked with Ideamensch and discussed what makes him a success in his career and a person that everyone should read about.

Dr. Saad Saad was determined to make a success for himself. When he talked about what makes him a success in surgery he follows some strict rules both in and out of the surgery room. The first thing he does is to read the patients file and make sure that the particular procedure is necessary. The second thing he does is to practice the procedure he is going to do to make sure that there are are no complications when the procedure takes place. He makes sure to read the latest textbooks when it comes to more complicated matters. When it comes to the surgery itself he has a strict policy. The first policy he follows is to get a good night’s sleep before the surgery. A good night’s sleep allows him to be focused on the procedure at hand. The second policy is that there is no personal business or talking about personal things once the surgery has started. The final policy is that there is no loud music in the surgery room. With these policies in place, surgeries can be completed more efficiently. That is the way Dr. Saad Saad likes it to be in the surgery room. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad also likes to read about people as well. He says that one person everyone should read about is Abraham Lincoln. He was a man who kept this country together during a difficult time in the history of the United States. He thinks he is a remarkable man.

Dr. Saad Saad has retired and stepped away from the surgery room but the impact he has left behind is a tremendous one. He is proof that no matter where you start in life you can be a success if you persevere.

Dick Devos – article recap

Dick and Betsy DeVos are a true power couple. The 59 year old Betsy DeVos and 61 year old Dick DeVos have been known to exercise their influence in a variety of arenas, including not only politics but also philanthropy.


The influence that Dick DeVos had started out in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the year 1991, he was against the plan to build a multi-purpose arena for sports and other sorts of convention events close to downtown. At the time, he was on track to follow his father’s footsteps and be the CEO of Amway, a path that he did not ultimately end up continuing down even though he was the CEO of the company from 1993 to 2002.


He felt strongly against the building of this arena, so he started to lobby against it. He thought that it would be very bad for the downtown area to create this building and add it to the skyline. His initial lobbying precipitated the formation of a group of business leaders who referred to themselves as Grand Action. This group actually ended up having a profound influence on the skyline of the city of Grand Rapids, as they opposed the building of several projects and were responsible for the building of others.


Neither Dick nor Betsy DeVos comes from any sort of a rags-to-riches story, as they were both heirs to their own respective family fortunes. However, instead of coasting on their wealth for their entire lives, they decided to become activists as adults. They have put a great deal of energy in their adult lives into instituting change where they believe it matters. They are both mega donors to the Republican party and have had significant political influences in different areas of the law, particularly laws pertaining to labor and education.


Dick DeVos was responsible for the law that made Michigan into a right to work state that did not require union membership in order for a person to be employed. His wife focused more on expansion of charter schools in the United States. However, this couple has had more influence than their influences on politics and causes that they are supporting for the Republican Party. They have also engaged in a great deal of philanthropy, as their Foundation reported donating approximately 138.7 million dollars to various causes between the years 1989 and 2015. These causes were related to human services, health, arts and culture, churches, leadership programs, policy initiatives, and more. One of their more notable donations is their donation of 12.5 million dollars to the construction of a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids in 2006.


They have also done a great deal for education reform, with Betsy DeVos having expanded charter schools to 24 states around the country. Washington DC has also been affected by her push for charter schools.


Though this couple has not been successful in all of their endeavors to institute change, they have had quite an influence and will likely continue to have an influence in the future.


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Golden Review for NewsWatch TV Reviews

With a growing number of marketing options available, whether for a company or product, it can be an overwhelming process figuring out what’s legitimate. Enter Newswatch TV, the go-to source for all news pertaining to consumer, technology, travel, health, and entertainment. Not only is it a show that airs on national networks across the United States, they also have an extensive social media presence. Their reviews and distribution reach over 95 million households across the country, with all production done in-house.


According to’s criteria, Newswatch TV received a 9.6 rating out of 10. Categories included Production Quality, Very Small Budgets, Comparative Value, Marketing ROI, Success for Clients and Pricing. They received five stars in all categories except Very Small Budgets, where they received four stars, the reason “for extremely small companies, anything over a few hundred dollars might be out of their range.”


The show is hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. They spend the time discussing different consumer products or service reviews, and the different segments usually last between one-two minutes. In addition, some remote interviews are done with people throughout the country, covering a range of topics. Sometimes a celebrity will join in on the discussion if they have a personal connection to the subject. Airing back in 1990, the primary focus was on financial issues, later expanding it’s topics morphing the show into one that covers materials that are of interest to the public.


Including both editorial and paid segments, companies are able to market and promote themselves after an approval process. They have featured popular companies on the show including Panasonic, Audi and Google, and have also hosted celebrity guests such as Mila Kunis, Denzel Washington and and Vin Diesel. Newswatch TV has won many awards including Videographer, Telly and Marcom awards.


The Actor Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is a professional American actor, director, and screen writer. Paul is most well known for his roles as Aaron Corbett on Fallen and Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries series.

Paul started his acting focus while in high school. He primarily studied acting and participated in theatre in New York. While still in high school he earned his first major acting role in Guiding Light as the character Max. He switched around to different high schools during this time because of acting roles. He attended one semester at Rutgers University before deciding to quit since he kept receiving a steady list of acting role offers.

In 2009 he auditioned for both of the Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries. He ultimately won the role of Stefan Salvatore. This has become one of his more well known roles, based upon the solid fan base of the television series.
paul wesley
Paul Wesley has more recently been expanding his acting credits to a growing number of movie acting roles. In Before I Disappear he plays the character of Gideon. Before I Disappear is based on a short film called Curfew. It centers around a twenty something year old man named Richie who is about to commit suicide. His sister calls him to pick up his niece for her just as he’s slitting his wrists in the bath tub. He bandages up his wrists and has some soul searching realizations while spending time with his niece who is focused and grounded on her school work and gymnastics. Shawn Christensen, Emmy Rossum, and Fatima Ptacek also star in this film. Paul Wesley’s character in the film is the owner of a bowling alley and his girlfriend is missing. Amira and Sam is another film Wesley starred in recently. The movie is about an army veteran and an Iraqi immigrant who fall in love. They are faced with the possibility of her being deported. Wesley plays the character Charlie in this film.
paul wesley
Wesley has also taken more theatre roles. He used to act on stage all the time when he was in high school. After working mainly on television shows, he decided returning to theatre would be a nice change and challenge for his abilities. One of his recent acting turns on the stage was in Cal in Camo. Cal in Camo is about a character named Flynt who is dealing with his wife’s death. He spends time with his sister and her husband, who are dealing with a shaky marriage. Paul Wesley plays Flynt in the play.

paul wesley

Paul Wesley will likely reveal more of his talent in acting in the future. Whether he is acting for a regular television show, a film, or on the stage, Paul Wesley knows how to handle a character. Audiences will hopefully see more of his directing abilities as well in television and perhaps the cinema.

Jacob Gottlieb revolutionizes the health care based hedge fund: Visium Asset Management.

Jacob Gottlieb revolutionizes the health care based hedge fund: Visium Asset Management.

Jacob Jay Gottlieb graduated with a Bachelor degree from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He received his CFA charter from the Association for Investment Management and Research in 2001. Dr. Gottlieb also attended New York Medical School in New York where he graduated with an MD. He graduated magna cum laude. Jacob then went ahead to do his medical internship at the St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. Although he had pursued medicine as a career, he had an ongoing fascination with wall street. His intrigue with the stock market made him quit medicine and follow a path toward becoming a financial pundit.

Jacob Gottlieb founded Visium Asset Management, LLC in 2005.He is currently a managing partner at the firm. He also holds the position of the Chief Investment Officer. Before founding Visium Asset Management, Jacob was a founding member of Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. He also worked as an Investment Portfolio Management at a London based investment firm called Merlin Financial. He also worked partly as an analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC. Visium Asset Management currently manages over $3.5 billion in assets. The firm rose around Gottlieb’s advanced knowledge in the healthcare stocks. He gathered this expertise from years of experience in the financial sector and also from his time in the medical profession.

Jacob dreams of transforming Visium Asset Management into a versatile powerhouse to rival some of the most excellent hedge fund managers of all time. His initial years in the industry was aimed at laying the groundwork for his ambitious strategy. He believes in running a tight ship, and this includes maintaining high levels of quality and integrity in their services. Jacob has invested a significant amount of resources into recruiting talented investors to realize his dream. In 2009 he hired Jason Huemer, a veteran in the industry as the president of the firm.

Jacob Gottlieb is a charitable giver. He is involved in non-profit organizations such as Covenant House that supports homeless kids. He also is a donor of Robin Hood, a charity that aims at fighting poverty in New York City.


Ending Citizens United To Save Democracy

One of the biggest issues not nearly covered enough in politics today are the repercussions from the 2010 Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United v. F.E.C. case which established the legal precedent for corporations, labor unions, and voluntary associations to make campaign donations in the same manner as individuals can. In short, this means that large corporations and the billionaires who profit from them are free to make unlimited and untraceable donations in American elections. This gives an unfair advantage to those with the means available to influence United States political trends and laws in their favor while simultaneously yanking democracy out of the hands of the citizens.

This is where End Citizens United comes in. Started in 2015 with the expressed purpose of reversing this democracy-killing court decision, this Political Action Committee relies on grassroots donations from United States citizens to contribute to the political campaigns candidates committed to enacting real campaign finance reform in Congress. What does this mean? Simply to rid the American political system of the big money that has hijacked the democratic process for personal gain.

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Speaking of big money, End Citizens United has put together the “Big Money 20” –a list of incumbents who have a track record of serving the needs of special interests over those of their constituents. These special interests include big oil, Wall Street, big tobacco, drug companies, and a host of others who line the pockets of any politician they can to increase their influence and ultimately their profits. They are quite literally the problem with politics in the United States.

One of the Big Money 20 End Citizens United is actively campaigning against is Senator Dean Heller of Nevada. Since being elected to office in _ Heller has time and again fallen prey to the allure of special interests to the chagrin of his constituency according to He has reversed course and voted in favor of repealing health care when it angered his donors, consistently voted in favor of loosening restrictions on Wall Street while simultaneously advocating for the abolishment of collective lawsuits by individuals, voted in favor of drastic tax cuts for the rich, and is in favor of keeping campaign donations a secret from the public.

Against Heller, in the upcoming primary End Citizens United is endorsing Jacky Rosen. Ms. Rosen is a long time resident of Nevada who worked her way through college and belonged to her local culinary union. In 2016 she was elected as a representative for Nevada’s 3rd district and cosponsored the 2017 DISCLOSE act which seeks transparency in election spending. Jacky Rosen represents what End Citizens United’s mission is all about: to remove big money (and the corruption that comes along with it) from politics.

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U.S. Money Reserve And Barret Jackson Auction Off Rare McLaren Car

Barret Jackson held a very special event recently where it auctioned a very rare McLaren car. PR Newswire has it that the U.S Money Reserve also joined in the auction as the event’s official sponsor, which made the event even more special.

As expected, the event was a resounding success. There were about 200,000 people who attended the event. This proves that Barret Jackson teaming up with the U.S. Money Reserve to auction rare items will really bring in thousands of people to the event.

It was the 47th Annual Barret Jackson Scottsdale Auction where valuable collectibles were presented. The event was held in Arizona, particularly at Westworld of Scottsdale. The U.S. Money Reserve, aside from being the official sponsor of the event, is also an exhibitor.

It opened a booth at the event which occupied the venue’s main salon. The staff members of the company were able to field and answer many questions from interested visitors. Some questions include: what benefits can one get in owning gold.

The auction of a McLaren P1 GTR car, a very rare car, made the event more special. Those who were interested to bid were briefed about the car’s features. This is a one-of-a-kind vehicle of which only about 45 cars were reportedly built.

Its top speed, according to the staff, is 225 miles per hour. It will only take 2.4 seconds to reach 60 mph from zero, they added. The car’s odometer showed that it has only traveled 605 miles since it was built. Its serial number is VIN #0001. Those who are seriously thinking of buying the rare McLaren were told to call 480-290-3019 and ask for Gary Bennett.

The U.S. Reserve was founded in 2001 and is now among the world’s biggest private distributors of foreign government-issued and U.S.-issued silver, platinum and gold legal-tender products.

It is the basis by which many clients diversify their financial and other assets with physical precious metals, mainly in U.S. silver and gold coins. The U.S. Money Reserve launched the company’s new online face, It is the company’s improved website where it reflects its leadership status in the industry of precious metals.

This new website displays the fundamental approach of the company which is to give value to trust and commitment in order to provide their customers high quality experience in customer service.

The new re-design of the website features new images of the new coin gallery, and also some photos of Philip N. Diehl, current President of U.S. Money Reserve who is also the former U.S. Mint Director.

This fresh website design aims to enhance the experience of buying precious metals using gold coins as well as to educate their customers about the benefits of purchasing government-issued bullion.

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Roberto Santiago: Becoming a Shopping Mall Tycoon

The city of Joao Pessoa is frequented by tourists because of the pristine white sand beaches which dotted its coast, and its rich culture and history. The easternmost point in the Americas can also be found in the city, drawing in thousands of tourists every year. Through the years, the economy of the city improved, and more businesses started to appear. Roberto Santiago, who was a writer, became one of the major contributors to the city’s economy after he built a gigantic shopping mall in the central business district. He is now considered as Joao Pessoa’s shopping mall guru, and the introduction of his malls changed the lives of the local people, and the edifice that he built put Joao Pessoa on the map.



Starting off his career as a writer for a news publication, Roberto Santiago never imagined that he would become a shopping mall tycoon one day. In 1987, he found a desirable lot located in the heart of the city. He decided to purchase the land using the money that he has saved from his job as a writer, and he had to think about what he can do with the lot. He came up with the idea of building the city’s first mall, and he had to get the help from the best contractors in the city. The development and the construction of the shopping mall took two years, and in 1989, the Manaira Shopping opened its doors to the public. Roberto Santiago was delighted, stating that it was a dream-come-true for him to see the shopping mall he envisioned to be standing in front of him.



The Manaira Shopping is considered to be the largest mall in the state of Paraiba. Since its opening in 1989, the mall has undergone several expansions and renovations. Today, the shopping mall has a lot of facilities and amenities in store for everyone. There is a world-class entertainment center which has the best cinema complex, bowling alley and arcade in the state, and there is the expanded food court which offers gourmet and budget-friendly meals from around the world. A lot of brands can also be found inside the mall, and its rooftop has also been transformed to become a concert hall, called the Domus Hall. Aside from the usual amenities inside the shopping mall, Manaira Shopping also has a residential complex, educational institution, offices, and banks operating inside its premises.



Roberto Santiago’s career has come a long way, from being a writer to a shopping mall tycoon. He stated that he would continue his business, and he now has a plan of constructing another mall inside the city. He is also touring around the country to look for space where he can build his next shopping mall.



Three Reasons for the Success of Waiakea Water

The planet earth is made of mostly water. Water is a like a life support system in so many ways and it is important to our very existence. Just walk into any grocery store and you will come to over five or more brands of water packed in plastic jugs just ready to be taken home for everyone to drink. In this fight to keep their brand of water above the rest, more and more bottled water companies are doing whatever they can to make their brand stand out. However, there is one company that is leading the pack when it comes to being more eco-friendly. That brand is Waiakea water and here are three reasons for their success.

1. Waiakea water is alkaline. There aren’t many waters that can say that. The ph balance makes them unique. They have done many tests to showcase these details to the public. If you scout around the internet you are bound to run into one of the places where they show you an example of them testing the PH.

2. As if Waiakea water ph balance was not enough, This water is very special because it is Hawaiian volcanic water. This reason it is called Hawaii volcanic water is that the water is filtered by using 14,000 feet of volcanic rock from a volcano in Hawaii. They use the Mauna Loa volcano and the process is quite amazing. It really is volcanic water from Hawaii, how sweet is that? This water is without a doubt a natural product and that filtration process is eco-friendly too.

3. Now those two reasons alone would put the water on the top of the eco-friendly water list. However, the carbon footprint reduction does not stop there. We all know that the plastic bottles are very bad for the environment. They just don’t break down and not many are recycled. Even if they can be recycled, some people just don’t take the time to do so. Waiakea wanted to make a better product over all and they took steps to make a better bottle. They created the first degradable plastic bottle. Now, this an eco-friendly water we all can be happy with.