Arthur Becker – Milestone Leader

According to Huffington Post, Arthur Becker currently serves as the managing member of Madison Partners and speaks a great deal on strategy and its overall importance. Strategy needs to reflect business vertical within a broad context, and talent holds the key to all success in this field. Identifying the talent, as well as persuading those talented, to the vision and goals of the business is all that it takes. This exceptional managing leader focuses primarily on real estate and early ventures.

In an article on The Real Deal, Becker was formerly the CEO of Zinio, LLC, known as a top global digital Newsstand. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Navisite, a company quoted by NASDAQ that provided internet technology services to all as well as hosting in colocation for businesses within the U.S. and U.K. It’s business had offices in the U.S., U.K., India and beyond and offered data center hosting and even cloud-based distancing to numerous enterprise markets simultaneously.

Arthur Becker was also a senior adviser to the Vera Wang fashion company for over seven years and was even a private investor within numerous technology and real estate divisions ever since Navisite was acquired by Time Warner back in 2011. During his tenure at Navisite, he engaged heavily in technological and real estate advancements. Having sold Navisite nearly a half decade ago, he has focused his interests on investing in condominium developments within New York and Miami.

He’s also been exposed to numerous early-stage bioteches and has become fascinated by their growing paradigms in the biotechnology and economic growth sectors while changing numerous services at a time. Becker mentions that his days are quite flexible and that he no longer has a typical operating business with its scheduled conference meetings. He’s currently in the final stages of completing numerous townhomes on Sullivan Street in the Big Apple and prepares to build a small condominium development for luxury residential uses in Tribeca as well. When asked about how he primarily brings ideas to life, he’s most effective when he works with people that he respects in real estate or technology.

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