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With a growing number of marketing options available, whether for a company or product, it can be an overwhelming process figuring out what’s legitimate. Enter Newswatch TV, the go-to source for all news pertaining to consumer, technology, travel, health, and entertainment. Not only is it a show that airs on national networks across the United States, they also have an extensive social media presence. Their reviews and distribution reach over 95 million households across the country, with all production done in-house.


According to’s criteria, Newswatch TV received a 9.6 rating out of 10. Categories included Production Quality, Very Small Budgets, Comparative Value, Marketing ROI, Success for Clients and Pricing. They received five stars in all categories except Very Small Budgets, where they received four stars, the reason “for extremely small companies, anything over a few hundred dollars might be out of their range.”


The show is hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. They spend the time discussing different consumer products or service reviews, and the different segments usually last between one-two minutes. In addition, some remote interviews are done with people throughout the country, covering a range of topics. Sometimes a celebrity will join in on the discussion if they have a personal connection to the subject. Airing back in 1990, the primary focus was on financial issues, later expanding it’s topics morphing the show into one that covers materials that are of interest to the public.


Including both editorial and paid segments, companies are able to market and promote themselves after an approval process. They have featured popular companies on the show including Panasonic, Audi and Google, and have also hosted celebrity guests such as Mila Kunis, Denzel Washington and and Vin Diesel. Newswatch TV has won many awards including Videographer, Telly and Marcom awards.


NewsWatch TV Reviews

Although it may seem unimportant for many people, it is true that marketing a product is as important and crucial to its success, as its quality. There might be a product which has a great potential to be successful among its target audience, but, if the product is not marketed properly, then it won’t be able to hit its audience, and would thus lead to a path of losses.
To cater to these issues and make a product reach an ocean of viewers, NewsWatch TV had launched a series back in the early 90s to showcase newer products every week and talk to their producers and even review the products.
Recently, an acclaimed designer of the accessories of mobiles collaborated with NewsWatch to market a new product, which was a new segment of mobile PCs. It was produced by Avianca’s subsidiary company, known as Ockel and they collaborated with NewsWatch while organizing a funding program.
It was Eckel’s second collaboration with NewsWatch and the first time they had collaborated with NewsWatch, the sales skyrocket, and over-exceeded everyone’s expectations; and thus, lead to the conclusion that NewsWatch was one of the main reasons for its popularity and success.
Regarding the effort put up by NewsWatch, they managed all the aspects of the production, right from flying in and from Germany, pre, and post-production activities as well as conduct interviews with all the prominent individuals in the development of the product.
And apart from all the aspects of the production of the video, NewsWatch also looks over the editing which is to be done after production ends.
Thus, as a result of a successful marketing campaign on NewsWatch TV via a one minute video, Avanca ended up generating $456,551 over a period their first month of the crowdfunding campaign, approximately $440,000 more than what they had estimated.
The simultaneous broadcast of their product launch, as well as the crowdfunding project, lead to its tremendous success among its target users.
Since, its launch in the early 90s, NewsWatch has been viewed by approximately 700 million people and this has made it one of the most popular independent production houses on the television. Aired on Ion Network as well as the AMC Network, it mainly focuses on the launches of new tech devices, travel, and tourism, entertainment, cars and bikes, legal matters as well as public issues.

George Soros Rises Again

Billionaire investor, hedge-fund owner, philanthropist and political force George Soros is back in the political game once again, after taking several steps back in recent years. According to a recent story in Politico, Soros, who had given major funding to political groups working against the re-election of George W. Bush back in 2004, stepped back from the political arena during the Obama years. Yet Soros has come back, and is as involved in politics as ever. All of this is quite a feat for a man in his mid-80s, but this Hungarian immigrant and war survivor has always defied the odds. Now it seems he is doing it all over again. Learn more about his profile at

A Relationship with Clinton

Soros made himself a political presence again when Hillary Clinton’s presidential run fired up last year. Soros gave $25 million to help support Clinton’s campaign, as he strongly believed in her as a candidate, and believed that she would prevail. He was also strongly motivated by his distrust of candidate Donald Trump. According to Soros, Trump is “doing the work of ISIS” by stirring up so much fear in the US and around the world. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Soros ability to give so lavishly to political campaigns comes from his unparalleled success as a hedge fund manager and as a currency trader. Soros has always been willing to take major risks, and his track record shows his incredible financial acumen. He’s currently thought to be worth $24.9 billion, and is again active in the financial markets. One of the positive aspects behind Soros’ generosity as a political donor is his way of motivating other donors to give even more. It all adds up to a lot of influence in this realm, and Soros is committed to really making a difference however he can.

Soros’ political activities have made him many enemies among conservative groups, but that’s not something that will ever slow down the dynamic George Soros. Now that Trump is president, there’s no doubt George Soros will continue to be active in politics for the foreseeable future.

The Brown Modeling Agency Is Redefining Talent Placement


Justin Brown grew his Austin, Texas modeling agency, Wilhelmina Austin from a smaller one into a much larger one with a market redefining merger. The merger consisted of Brown joining forces with another regional agency, Heyman Talent-South. Now, the two are simply known as, The Brown Agency. Brown is a great example of someone with a distinctive vision for growth and market saturation. He knew the most important aspect of any expansion efforts would come to fruition with a broader division.

Now, the Brown Agency is in position to grow into a national modeling brand. Justin Brown serves as CEO and with the merger the founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonnée became head of the theatrical division. Both Bonnée and Brown are excited to explore the future now that they’ve become the only full service, modeling and talent agency in the region. With that being said, the Brown Agency is focusing on expanding into nationwide markets.

To be successful as a modeling agency means having a unique perspective to uncover what type of talent is most likely to get the top bookings. Justin Brown knows a thing a two about working as a model. He actually worked his way through college by doing various gigs around town. Brown said that he figured why work for $6 an hour, when he could model jeans and make a $100 an hour. That’s an example of the kind of forward thinking that lead him to open his own agency in 2010.

The Brown Agency is the best of both former separate entities. With the merger, there are now a total of 450 models in the talent pool. The Brown Agency can offer talent anywhere in the country. This is important to Brown because back in his day, he learned that if you had connections, models could land more lucrative opportunities in the New York, Washington, DC and California markets. Instead of contending with each other, now Brown and Bonnée have less competitors in the area. Because there are only 2-3 agencies that are larger than the Brown Agency is in Austin.

Justin Brown studied business management in college and he worked placing and developing talent, prior to starting the Wilhelmina Austin agency. The most challenging thing Brown encountered was not being big enough to compete with the talent in the larger markets. He said, “Austin is very proud. We do things our own way. What I was trying to do is take it to a big-market level.” Well, now as the Brown Agency he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. The agency develops modeling talent for fashion, commercial, theatrical film, and print. They represent men, women and children.

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What kind of products do Market America sell? What kind of products does Market America sell?

Market America is a company that allows entrepreneurs to market their products. One of those products is called Isotonix. Isotonix is wellness supplement product that can give a person the right amount of nutrition for everyday living.


Isotonix is vitamins in powder form. A person pours the powder with water in the cap provided to take the vitamins. People who can’t take pills would be able to take this vitamin. Isotonix has a wide array of different vitamins and kits. The vitamins have shown great benefits in taking them. The vitamins and kits range from 13 dollars to 150 dollars. A person can also choose which vitamins to have a custom cocktail.


Innovacare Health Services Makes Great Strides under Rick Shinto

Innovacare health is one of the top companies which provide quality health services with excellent customer service. The clinic provides services to a wide population in Northern America with most of their customers coming from the most disadvantaged background. When you visit Medicare hospital, you enjoy not only their medication but also their warm welcome.

Affordable and Quality Medicare

Innovacare has taken their game to a whole new ballpark. They are now among the few facilities found using advanced and modern machines to provide special treatment to their customers. One might be mistaken for assuming that their costs are way up in the sky owing to the combination of the state of the art equipment and the highly skilled sets of doctors, nurses and other supporting staff but it isn’t all that costly to get treated here.

The CEO Rick Shinto and Penelope, the current administrative officer, are some of the leaders who have led to tremendous changes in the clinic. These professionals have spent most of their adult life inside hospitals. This has enabled them to point out the problems which often face health care givers and their patients. Most importantly, they have been able to devise efficient solutions on how to go about solving the recurrent complexities in the hospital setting. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Career Experience of Rick and into Penelope

Rick Shinto the current CEO Innovacare health services were working for Aveta Inc. as the president of the company back in 2008 to 2010. Rick had to join Innovacare after the selling off the enterprise.

Penelope Kokkinides works with Innovacare as the chief administrative officer. Penelope has 20 years of experience in health care, and before joining this Company, she worked with Centerlight Healthcare. Here she took the position of the chief operating officer, where she gave directions and set the strategies of the health service to follow. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

Announcing of New Executives

On July 28, 2016, Jonathan Meyers the Chief Actuary of Innovacare Company announced the election of the three new executives in the firm. They include the CEO Rick Shinto, the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope and the accounting officer Mike Sortino.

Innovacare Payment Initiative

In August 2016, the company made decisions to cooperate and support LAN, to introduce models of payment based on the quality of work done instead of quantity. The payment initiative was to evaluate and measure the progress of Innovacare service and achieve their set goals.

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George Soros – Crafting The Political Landscape Of The United States For A Better Tomorrow

George Soros is one of the most influential political contributors, opinion leaders, and political strategists in today’s date. He is also one of the greatest businessmen the world has ever seen and is a self-made billionaire, with total assets amounting to well over $25 billion. He is the 22nd richest person on the planet and his company, Soros Fund Management, is considered to be one of the most successful hedge funding companies globally. Soros Fund Management has assets over $30 billion in management today and for years has provided its investors a return of over 40 percent, which is considerably high in the finance world.

George Soros wanted Hillary Clinton to win the recent United States Presidential Election and funded her campaign with funds over $24 million and pledged to support more when needed. However, even though he was highly disappointed when Clinton lost to Donald Trump, he wasn’t disappointed and in a meeting with the other top Democrat donors, vowed to continue to push the liberal causes. He feels that the justice, education, immigration and social fabric of the country needs major transformation, and it is where his views don’t align with that of current US President Donald Trump. Read this story about George at

George Soros recently committed $500 million to support and help grow the businesses started by refugees and immigrants. George Soros has noticed that there is a racial disparity in the country today that needs to be suppressed for the country to progress peacefully. His Foundation, Open Society Foundation, donates to numerous charity organizations across the country, including American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, America Coming Together, Alliance for Justice, All of Us or None, American Prospect Inc, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Center for Responsible Lending, Color of Change, Common Cause, Change America Now, Democracy Alliance, Pacifica Foundation, Free Press, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Four Freedoms Fund, Free Exchange on Campus, and more.

George Soros believes that having blessed with enormous wealth makes his socially responsible to bring the positive change in the society. He tries in numerous ways to give back to the community and influence the society to make decisions that would help transform it for a better tomorrow. George Soros is a Hungarian-born Jew who fled his country due to the Nazi taking over it. Nazis during his time in Hungary killed millions of Jews in front of him, and he survived the Nazi Holocaust in Budapest. Such experiences are still fresh in his memory, and it is this array of political and global experiences that help him get the eagle eye’s point of view on world politics. George Soros is a man of conviction and is a popular figure in the United States politics. Even though Democrats lost the recent Presidential election, he continues to support the causes he feels strongly for independently.

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Betsy DeVos Makes a Difference through Charity

Among the most emblematic philanthropists of the United States f America is Mrs. Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos. Recently, the wide public of America came to now her better due to her being elected by current president Donald Trump to become the new Secretary of Education over the course of his four-year presidency.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of two other prominent philanthropists – Elsa and Edgar Prince. She was born in a small town called Holland in the state of Michigan January 8, 1958. As a child, Mrs. Betsy DeVos attended to the private Holland Christian High School. Her parents have donated millions of dollars to a long list of charitable causes. So far their joined donations amass up to $44 million. The parents of Mrs. Betsy DeVos are not the only philanthropic personalities in the family for the charitable record of the Princes goes back for decades. Read more news on Los Angeles Times.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos is a renowned businesswoman in America. She is an avid partaker in various political campaigns and a collaborative owner of a charity foundation. She is also part of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She has always been a very strong supporter of the education in the United States. Mrs. Betsy DeVos has both held fundraising events and done fundraising for other campaigns. In 2004 when George Bush created his re-election campaign, Mrs. DeVos raised more than $150 000 to contribute to the Bush re-election campaign. She also supported the party of the Republicans by holding an even in Holland, Michigan. In fact, Mrs. Betsy DeVos has been actively taking part in Republican politics and has donated more than 18 million dollars over the years.

Richard and Betsy DeVos have contributed greatly as individuals as well as through their Foundation. In 1989, Mrs. Betsy DeVos and her husband Richard DeVos established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The charitable organization has the mission of supporting arts and education, social justice and human rights. So far, the amount that the Foundation has raised is over 12 million dollars and growing. Apart from their Foundation, the DeVos couple has donated as a total of 150 million dollars to a number of charities. A huge part of that sum was donated to a number of academic institutions – the Potter’s House, a Christian school located in Grand Rapids, Michigan; University of Maryland College Park Foundation; the School of Missionary Aviation Technology; Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical Center; Success Academy Charter Schools, and many more. Another contribution to Arts is the ArtPrize art competition. Richard and Betsy DeVos established in in 2009. It takes place in Grand Rapids in the state of Michigan. The prize is monetary, and it is paid by the DeVos.

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