Whitney Wolfe’s Dating Apps Beats All Dating Mobile Applications

Women are known to care more about what other people do or say about them. However, this is not a portion of Whitney Wolfe’s plate. She neither cares what other people think about her Bumble works or even what is in her glass to drink. She stands out and appeals to the multitude of people as one of the notable female technopreneurs, owning both Bumble and Tinder apps. These two ventures promote female empowerment, in not only the dating world but also in the workplace.

Whitney Wolfe founded Tinder; a location-based social search mobile application. Users of this mobile application can like by swiping right or dislike other users by swiping left. Users can chat with each other when they all swipe to the right. This application is used as a hookup application. The information of someone you want to chat with on this app is majorly based on the user’s Facebook pictures, a brief biography of the user along with some details of the user’s Instagram and Spotify accounts.

This application by Whitney Wolfe rose to fame as it makes it easy for people to connect romantically with their partners. This app, however, is thought to have not revolutionalized online dating as much. Nonetheless, Whitney Wolfe created a new application for female dating, Bumble. This application would be more appealing to both men and women as it allows women to also make advances towards men, unlike the traditional norm where men would be expected to make the first move. In this application, women would initiate a chat as long as a match has been established.

Today, Bumble is ranked among the top dating applications and is so far boasting of having close to 30 million users. This mobile application by Whitney Wolfe is the most popular dating application in the US. The App has over 11 million users and its valuation estimates are more than a billion dollars. It has an extension called Bumble Bizz users can download either the Android or iOS, then select Bizz mode. Also, Bumble has another offshoot known as BFF which users who are not looking for a soul mate can use it to find a new best friends.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney was born and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. While her father was a property developer, her mother was a stay a home mother, and this made Whitney’s childhood to be relatively normal. Whitney graduated from high school and proceeded to the Southern Methodist University and became an International Studies major. In 2017 September 2, Whitney got married by Michael Herd, the heir of Texas Oil who also has a charitable organization.

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How Fabletics Benefits from Positive Reviews by its Consumers.

Fabletics is a clothing company established in 2013 that ensures all its products are up-to-date regarding fashion. The company earns an incredible reputation in the business world for being a firm that grew its net worth into a $250 million within three years. Fabletics prides itself on being founded by renowned professionals who include Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg. Hudson is well-known across the universe as an actress who has achieved in the corporate world despite being an individual who lacked knowledge and skills in the business world. Don and Adam are recognized for being founders of Techstyle Fashion Group, a renowned company in the online fashion world. The clothing company began through an incorporation with Techstyle, which saw Fabletics sharing resources including employees and funds. Its resilience towards success in the fashion world has made it become a stylish brand that produces quality workout gears.


The clothing company has grown over the years to become the leading producer of athleisure brands in the market across the universe. Their products are recommended by celebrities and personalities like Demi Lovato, who are seen wearing Fabletics outfits during workout sessions. Employees of the company including Kate Hudson, promote the authenticity of the brand through wearing the workout gears while exercising. The clothing encourages its customers to take a lifestyle quiz, which ensures that individuals are well-groomed by matching them with costumes that are fit. Since its establishment, it has grown to become the leading company with over one million customers. The firm has expanded its business across the globe through online social networks including Facebook. The corporation earns positive reviews and recommendations from clients who appreciate reliability and efficiency within the firm, experienced during an online purchase of outfits.


Kate Hudson uses her skills in design, sales, marketing, and accounting, to ensure the success of Fabletics. The firm’s success in the business world saw it being awarded a top rating by the Better Business Bureau. The company incorporates a data approach technique that assists it during research in the trending fashion as well as knowing customer preferences in the market. The corporation is set aside for being able to meet and exceed needs of clients on an online platform. Fabletics has several departments including a customer care division that ensures consumer satisfaction. The clothing company has the highest number of merchants in the fashion industry. The firm is managed by Gregg Thorgmartin who serves as its president.


With the rise of the number of consumers relying on reviews and recommendations of products, Fabletics has taken into consideration social media strategies that offer a platform that customers can post their views. The company believes that crowd-sourced reviews influence the decision of a buyer to purchase a commodity. Positive comments about products encourage a consumer to buy the product, which in turn increases the revenue of a firm. Fabletics works on customer behavior to ensure that needs of clients are met. Affirmative reviews attract more customers alongside retaining previous buyers. Favourable opinions of consumers place a product on the top rank involved during searching of commodities online.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Taking it to Amazon

Amazon has been so far ahead in the fashion e-commerce market that they usually just hit the gas if any clothing competitor starts closing in on their turf. Looking at how dominant Amazon has been in this decade, they have been gobbling up over 20 percent of all the sales in this one market without much resistance from thousands of other clothing competitors. Then out of nowhere, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics pulls away from the crowd and zeros in on Amazon. In the last three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold $250 million in their women’s workout active-wear.


When Hudson talks about how her athleisure brand is different from the other brands in this space, the reason for the success may surprise some. Most thing her high quality and celebrity status, but it is more about her membership benefits and reverse showrooming instead. Inside a local mall, we walk into a Fabletics retail shop and find women of all ages trying on yoga pants, browsing the racks for tank tops, ordering leggings, and taking the lifestyle quiz. Many leave the store without making a purchase, and Hudson says that is because there is no pressure by sales associates towards customers to have to buy.


If so many customers are allowed to leave the store without buying, how is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics dominating in this competitive fashion e-commerce market? The success is partly due to the customers trying on all that clothing inside the store. Each time a member tries on a piece of workout apparel, it is uploaded to the member’s online account page. This simple yet effective process allows these customers to easily continue their shopping when it is convenient for them, picking up at the exact point they stopped in the retail store. Without the concern about the clothing fitting any longer, they will impulse shop in an online inventory that is enormous.


The membership benefits for all loyal Fabletics customers includes discounted active-wear pricing, free shipping for online orders, and even your own personal shopper. Your shopper picks one piece each month based on your lifestyle quiz answers, making it even easier for you to shop. The entire shopping experience at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is unique and exciting for women who are looking to be treated for their loyal service. Unlike Amazon, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics continues to look for ways to reward their shoppers and turn them into long-term loyal customers.

Fabletics in the Early Growth Stage

It is becoming one of the brands that people are talking about on a regular basis through social media. There is no mistake that this brand is moving in the right direction because it speaks to those that are trying to enhance their wardrobe with stylish clothes. Amazon is a leader in the industry, but Fabletics is definitely going to make consumers thinking differently about Amazon.


Fabletics is growing in a major way and there are close to 100 stores that will come into place in the next five years. This is a very big deal for Kate Hudson and co-founders DOn Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. It is such a big thing for this trio because it takes the business model that was started by JustFab and it brings it to more physical store locations. Fabletics is always been a company that thrives online, but there are a few physical stores. For Kate Hudson to engage in the opening of so many stores and such a short time proves that she is planning to take the brand offline in a major way.


Fabletics will inevitably have to open more stores in order to compete with a company like Amazon.


Fabletics is really a company that is bound to grow more because there is the company spreading through brick-and-mortar stores. It is not often that people hear of athletic clothing companies that provide clothing for women that is both stylish and athletic. For the longest time athletic clothing was available for women, but there was no real effort to bring style into the equation until Kate Hudson came along. She is the one that also added an extra dimension of comfort with style and athleticism. It shows that she was forward-thinking when it came to building a brand that would compete with Amazon.


This company is still in the early growth stage, but it definitely has a lot of opportunities to gain more fans. People that have been buying clothes from Amazon are soon going to discover that Kate Hudson has more variety with Fabletics than just about any other brand. This is what she has created when she decided to build her brand online.

Fabletics Adopts Innovative Selling Techniques To Appeal To Customers

With the evolution of fashion, brands are always trying to find new techniques to sell their products and appeal to their customers. When Kate Hudson decided to give Fabletics to the world, the company too was stumped trying to figure out a way to appeal to clients and make a name for themselves. Currently, for an individual company to succeed in the fashion industry is a hard feat in itself, not to mention the fact that Amazon now controls most of the customer base. Fabletics had to be creative with their approach if they wanted to make a place for themselves in people’s hearts, and shopping bags!


Fabletics decided to initially launch themselves as an online store, to test the waters and see how to would respond to their products. Based on customer reviews, people have been extremely pleased with the brand and what it has to offer them. Fabletics realized that the customers they were appealing to lead a fast and active lifestyle and might very rarely have time to fit shopping for workout clothes into their schedule. Keeping this in mind, the brand decided to offer their customers a monthly subscription through which the latest activewear trends would be delivered to their doorstep. Going out as often as once a month to buy an outfit might be too time-consuming for some, but with Fabletics, customers get access to new clothes every month without much effort.


Since establishing their business a few years ago, the brand has leaped to an extremely prominent position in the activewear department, standing among the top sportswear competitors. Last year, Fabletics decided to expand themselves even further and decided to open physical stores in locations across America. This allowed branding to become available to people who would choose to go on about making their shopping purchases physically rather than online. This helped the company expand further, appealing to a larger audience.


But shops are plentiful, and businesses need to find a way to make customers come over to their shops as opposed to the one across the street. This means that Fabletics had to find yet another innovative technique to market themselves and set themselves apart. Keeping this in mind, Fabletics adopted the reverse showrooming technique to appeal to customers. Customers can view the brand’s products online and then come to the stores and try them on. The store acts as a large trial room, rather than a place for purchases. Even though customers mostly go home and by the clothes in their own time, customers who want the clothing there and there can also make a purchase just like an average store. People who are adverse to the idea of buying clothes online have the option to try on the clothes and see for themselves if they are happy with the quality of clothes they will be receiving. The brand also always makes sure that all the products which are shown online are always available in stock in the physical stores.