George Soros Rises Again

Billionaire investor, hedge-fund owner, philanthropist and political force George Soros is back in the political game once again, after taking several steps back in recent years. According to a recent story in Politico, Soros, who had given major funding to political groups working against the re-election of George W. Bush back in 2004, stepped back from the political arena during the Obama years. Yet Soros has come back, and is as involved in politics as ever. All of this is quite a feat for a man in his mid-80s, but this Hungarian immigrant and war survivor has always defied the odds. Now it seems he is doing it all over again. Learn more about his profile at

A Relationship with Clinton

Soros made himself a political presence again when Hillary Clinton’s presidential run fired up last year. Soros gave $25 million to help support Clinton’s campaign, as he strongly believed in her as a candidate, and believed that she would prevail. He was also strongly motivated by his distrust of candidate Donald Trump. According to Soros, Trump is “doing the work of ISIS” by stirring up so much fear in the US and around the world. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Soros ability to give so lavishly to political campaigns comes from his unparalleled success as a hedge fund manager and as a currency trader. Soros has always been willing to take major risks, and his track record shows his incredible financial acumen. He’s currently thought to be worth $24.9 billion, and is again active in the financial markets. One of the positive aspects behind Soros’ generosity as a political donor is his way of motivating other donors to give even more. It all adds up to a lot of influence in this realm, and Soros is committed to really making a difference however he can.

Soros’ political activities have made him many enemies among conservative groups, but that’s not something that will ever slow down the dynamic George Soros. Now that Trump is president, there’s no doubt George Soros will continue to be active in politics for the foreseeable future.

Bruce Levenson Wants New Business Ideas For Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson has been the longtime chairman of Unified Communications Group (UCG) and owned the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks up till 2015. Levenson sold the team for a large $850 million price to Tony Ressler, but then subsequently he became involved in a lawsuit when he filed a claim against AIG Insurance. The claim involves a contract buyout that Levenson and the other owners had previously negotiated with then General Manager Danny Ferry and Levenson states that AIG acted in bad faith.

Levenson is now pushing for a new movement in philanthropy at the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. He hopes that he can encourage young entrepreneurs to start non-profit organizations in the same way that corporations are started and bring innovation to the way non-profits are run. So far many initiatives have been started and the university administration is excited about the work Bruce Levenson and his wife has done through the institute.

Bruce Levenson‘s first major accomplishment was founding Unified Communications Group (UCG) along with his longtime friend Ed Peskowitz. After writing for the Washington Star for some time and completing law school, Levenson decided to take on the publishing business himself. When his first newsletter became a success, he took the profits and used them to build UCG into a major international operation. He also led the spinoff of TechTarget many years later.

According to PR Newswire, Levenson has led non-profit organizations of his own including the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, a scholarship funding program for young minority students based on Martin Luther King Jr.’s principles. He also is a founder of “Bringing the Lessons Home” at the Holocaust Memorial Museum which helps young students tell the story of the event to others. He contributes to pro-Israel and Jewish American groups such as SEED, BBYO and Seeds of Peace.

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