How Rick Smith has built his Career in the Telecommunications Sector

Rick Smith is recognized for being a top technology expert and administrator. He currently works at Securus Technologies as the CEO. Smith has been an employee of the firm since 2008 when he was appointed to serve as its head. Richard Falcone was the former leader of the company. Securus Technology has been developing new products each year, and this has facilitated its growth. The firm created a merger with Evercom and Netix in 2004. The two enterprises were known for offering excellent technology services to the corrections sector. Securus grew further in 2009 when it purchased Syscon Justice System. The firm was one the leading providers of offender management systems in the United States. Rick Smith has a rich educational background that has played a significant role in his career accomplishments. The CEO holds a master’s degree in mathematics and also has a degree in electrical engineering.

Rick Smith is an excellent business leader and has assisted Securus Technologies in offering superior products and services to its clients. The company is dedicated to developing innovative solutions, and this has made it be appreciated as one of the industry’s leading companies. It is trusted by more than 3450 law enforcement and correctional facilities in North America. Securus Technologies has an outstanding reputation that Rick has been working had to maintain. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Before being offered a job by Securus Technologies, Smith has served several telecommunication companies for a couple of years. This enabled him to acquire sufficient experience. He was once hired by Frontier Corporation and had an opportunity to hold various offices in the organization. Rick served in various departments of the corporation, and they include information technology, finance, operations, and business development. He was also hired by Eschelon Telecom and served for about nine years. Smith rose through the ranks at the enterprise and was made its CEO. His service at the firm was outstanding since it managed to raise its revenue from around $30 million to more than $350 million.

Securus Technologies has been growing at a notable rate since Rick Smith took over its leadership. The company has developed several top-notch products that are devoted to solving the needs of its clients. It also has an outstanding patent portfolio for the inventions that it has made over the years. Rick believes that the company’s products are exceptional and cannot be beaten by its competitors. Securus Technologies serves over 1.2 million inmates who are held in more than 3450 penitentiaries across North America. The products that it develops are used for communication, logistics, and security.


The Leader Of The Pack

It is no secret that the communications industry is huge in this day and age. What is not so well known is that a company called Securus Technologies is leading the pack in the niche of prison communications. This company has a vision of taking prison communications from the level of simply providing that service to the prisoners, to using communications in order to make the prison environment safer for prisoners and staff alike. They seem to have had the inside track on this niche for so long now that they pretty much have a lock on the products and services they provide. No other communications company comes close.


Considering how large the prison industry is these days, how many inmates are incarcerated in that system and how much of all of this that Securus Technologies is nvolved in through exclusive contracts, and you get an idea of how successful their vision really is. This speaks to the technologically skilled staff of Securus and how well they implement their vision and ideas into practical communications products. It is one thing to have an idea on how to improve communications, it is quite another to take that idea and implement it successfully to the point where thousands of law enforcement agencies hop on board with it.


This is where Securus is different. They have managed to take a multi-billion dollar business, carve their own niche out of it and call it their own.


Innovacare Health Services Makes Great Strides under Rick Shinto

Innovacare health is one of the top companies which provide quality health services with excellent customer service. The clinic provides services to a wide population in Northern America with most of their customers coming from the most disadvantaged background. When you visit Medicare hospital, you enjoy not only their medication but also their warm welcome.

Affordable and Quality Medicare

Innovacare has taken their game to a whole new ballpark. They are now among the few facilities found using advanced and modern machines to provide special treatment to their customers. One might be mistaken for assuming that their costs are way up in the sky owing to the combination of the state of the art equipment and the highly skilled sets of doctors, nurses and other supporting staff but it isn’t all that costly to get treated here.

The CEO Rick Shinto and Penelope, the current administrative officer, are some of the leaders who have led to tremendous changes in the clinic. These professionals have spent most of their adult life inside hospitals. This has enabled them to point out the problems which often face health care givers and their patients. Most importantly, they have been able to devise efficient solutions on how to go about solving the recurrent complexities in the hospital setting. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Career Experience of Rick and into Penelope

Rick Shinto the current CEO Innovacare health services were working for Aveta Inc. as the president of the company back in 2008 to 2010. Rick had to join Innovacare after the selling off the enterprise.

Penelope Kokkinides works with Innovacare as the chief administrative officer. Penelope has 20 years of experience in health care, and before joining this Company, she worked with Centerlight Healthcare. Here she took the position of the chief operating officer, where she gave directions and set the strategies of the health service to follow. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

Announcing of New Executives

On July 28, 2016, Jonathan Meyers the Chief Actuary of Innovacare Company announced the election of the three new executives in the firm. They include the CEO Rick Shinto, the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope and the accounting officer Mike Sortino.

Innovacare Payment Initiative

In August 2016, the company made decisions to cooperate and support LAN, to introduce models of payment based on the quality of work done instead of quantity. The payment initiative was to evaluate and measure the progress of Innovacare service and achieve their set goals.

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The mistakes that lead to lesser social security payments-David Giertz

Many people make the mistake of thinking that social security does not deserve a lot of thought when one is planning for retirement. Unfortunately, these people are proved wrong time and again. Recent research findings on have shed some light into what people who are approaching retirement age think about social security, and the level of ignorance is appalling. The President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, David Giertz, spoke about this problem saying that in the past, old people used to have pensions, but the amounts have significantly reduced with time. He feels that everyone that works in the financial sector needs to take their time and inform their clients about maximizing their social security benefits in old age.

According to the research on, a third of pensioners are receiving benefits that are way less than what they expected. The number is an increase from 22 percent surveyed in 2015. Even more worrying is the fact that 86 percent of this people have little to no idea about the factors which determine the amount of money they are supposed to get as social security benefits.

One of the mistakes that people make is thinking that as soon as they are of legal age to get the social security checks at, which is 62 years, they are free to start cashing in. While this is true, it is important also to note that the longer one waits before they start asking for the social security checks, the bigger the checks will be when they start coming in.

About David Giertz

Before he became the president of the Nationwide Investment Corporation, David Giertz was a financial advisor at the same company. Giertz has 31 years of experience in portfolio management of individuals and is also an FINRA registered broker and financial advisor. He has been operating from Dublin, Ohio for the time that he has been working with Nationwide Investment.