A Charming Reputation of Madison Street Capital in the Corporate Finance Industry

Madison Street Capital is a private owned company located in Chicago, IL. It has been in business for over 13 years and serves in advisory and information services in all cross-border investments. The company offers several financial services including mergers & acquisitions, business valuation, advisory, buying & selling side services for purposes of private equity, investment banking, venture capital services, capital, and corporate tax planning services. Their knowledge on the diverse subjects matches with today’s needs in the middle market and the investment banking corporations. One of the leading service provision is regarding corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, and advisories. They also have the ability and quality to arrange for appropriate financing and capital for special firms. This makes them unique in their provision to the client.


The team working at Madison Street Capital is professional enough, possess great knowledge, and experience that makes the company lead in the market investment world. With the company’s headquarter in Chicago, Illinois, it is important to note that it has other offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. What makes the difference in Madison Street Capital is their experience in the field and having interacted with diverse customers from different nations. Their employees understand their work and are committed to performing careful analysis and provide recommendations where possible. Madison Street Capital continually extends an invitation to companies and business owners looking for some acquisitions, have a need for selling a business, or requiring to build a sound strategy for the exit, and matters in corporate governing.


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has earned a great reputation through service to the asset banking needs available in the middle-market platform. This has rendered the group great integrity, expertise, and experience in the financial world. It is essential to understand that Madison Street Capital is an international asset banking that takes pride in providing comprehensive services in the finance industry. Records show that Madison Street Capital has structured complex contracts as well as designed strategies for exits in business. This is achieved by appropriately matching the buyers and the sellers. The company has a global approach to financial matters, and this has been fulfilled by setting up subsidiary offices in Oregon, Ghana, India, and the main office at Chicago.


The outstanding services offered by the Madison Street Capital entail being the sole financial advisor to DCG Software Madison Street Capital value, the leading world’s software analytical company. Madison Street Capital is recognized for a different achievement in earning honors in the annual M&A Advisors Awards. This award was to crown the company for success in restructuring, transactions, and corporate financing. Moreover, Madison Street Capital was top for the honors in Dowco Group’s acquisition of the Acuna and Associates. Among other victories include working with ARES Security Corporation, where it coordinated their equity & investment debt as well as the WLR Automotive Group advice rendering. Each year the company takes home significant victories.


Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/about-madison-street-capital.html to learn more.

Daniel Taub: Conversations about Isreal and The Middle East

While he was the Israeli Ambassador, the trade relations between the United Kingdom and Israeli soared. Daniel Taub’s time of four years at the Israeli Embassy has come to an end but not without a look at his accomplishments and admired work. He was responsible for bringing the two countries together whether it be in business, academics or just the cultural aspects.

Mr. Taub’s talents stem from working on the HeChatzer series as the head scriptwriter. He explains that it’s kind of like Downtown Abbey with a similarity like the Chosen. The goal of the show is to change stereotypes that can come with religion within Israel. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/09/israeli-ambassador-daniel-taub-un-agencies-are-effectively-supporting-palestinian-child-abuse/

Great Britain is Daniel Taub’s birthplace in 1962. He attended the University College in Oxford and London then Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. It was in 1989, when he went to Israel to live.

Throughout his career, he was apart of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) working as a reserve officer and also a combat medic within the International department. Two years after heading to Israel, he started a job in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. From there his experience has been in the legal and diplomatic positions for several organizations.

Daniel Taub has published articles in for The Times, Huffington Post, the Guardian to mention a few. He’s known for his book called Parasha Diplomatit. A very telling account regarding each biblical weekly area. He takes each one and analyzes the Torah sections that has some political and humor focus.

While in his ambassador role, the United Kingdom was fortunate to have more than 300 businesses start up in their country as the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce reports. This yearly trade show numbers have gone up to $5.5 billion economic dollars. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Mr. Taub has even worked hard as a peace negotiator making the trek to Northern Ireland in hopes of learning more about the area.

With his expertise in International law, Mr. Taub has a specialty in counter-terrorism. He has also been in the position as Principal Deputy Legal Advisor of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From there he went to the UN investigative committee regarding the Gaza flotilla situation in order to represent Israel.

He is additionally noted to have helped fellow Israeli Megen David Adom, of the Red Cross Society, as a negotiator regarding her entry for the International Red Cross Movement. This was a first and successful attempt since it had been excluded for nearly 70 years.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Is An Example Of The Good Situation Of The Retail Sector In Brazil

Despite the economic crisis that hit Brazil in recent times, a recent census released by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce) pointed out that the shopping malls sector is in a favorable condition. The Manaira Shopping, a venture of the entrepreneur Roberto Santiago, which grows every year, it is one of the greatest examples of this in the Northeast.


According to Abrasce’s study, in 2015 alone, the national shopping mall industry grew by 6.5% and had a turnover of around 150 billion. Also according to the survey – which was done in partnership with the Urban Studies Group (GEU) – Brazil currently has 538 shopping centers and another 30 are in the final construction process. The impressive number also compliments an impressive number of people that are employed by the segment throughout the country, in current days – about a million. There were almost 60 thousand jobs in malls filled in 2017.


Speaking specifically of the Northeast, he is in a comfortable situation. Just behind the Southeast, it is the second largest Brazilian region that operates in the sector. Manaira Shopping by Roberto Santiago, for example – which is one of the five commercial centers in the state of Paraiba and among them, has the largest gross leasable area of 75,000 square meters – is always focused on reinventing itself to keep in high in the market.


The space is a reference when it comes to fun and leisure activities in the capital city João Pessoa, where it is located – it has several movie theaters, equipped with the most modern equipment; electronic games; bowling alley; party room; academies; and even universities and home shows, all concentrated in the shopping center that is one of the largest in the Northeast. Manaira – which has already undergone five expansions since it was inaugurated by businessman Roberto Santiago in 1989 – has had a very positive impact on the growth and development of the sales, and leisure center area.


Well, it seems that the current situation of Brazilian malls has brought confidence to managers of commercial stores. According to a study that measured the Trust of Shopping Center Entrepreneurs, about 40% of entrepreneurs, even with the continuity of the economic crisis, are confident that the area will register an increase of about 8% in 2018. In addition, more than 60% of shopping center managers believe that the crisis will have no impact on their business.


In order to further improve the situation for the malls’ segment in Brazil, in relation to the Intention of Household Consumption, the data referring to the money spent in malls has already been discharged for the third consecutive time. The commercial center of Roberto Santiago, for example, registered, in 2017, a movement of almost three million people.


According to the marketing manager of Manaira Shopping, Rafaella Barros, this good moment in the industry reflects stability. For her, Manaira will only tend to grow in the coming years and will contribute even more significantly to the development process of the segment. Merits for Roberto Santiago and all his team, as well as all other businessmen in the area.


Jim James Larkin, the socialist

James Larkin was born in Liverpool, England in 1876. Larkin was brought up in slums of Liverpool. He did not have much of formal education. He is the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. The union grew to become the biggest union in the region. As a youth, James tried working in several jobs to support his family.

He finally managed to secure a position as a foreman at the Liverpool harbors. James was a dedicated socialist who believed that workers were being mistreated. Consequently, Larkin enrolled into the National Union of Docks Laborers. In 1905, he committed himself to being a permanent trade union coordinator.

In 1907, Larkin received a transfer to Dublin. Its in Dublin where he started the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. The Union aims were to uniting all skilled and unskilled Irish industrial laborers into one association.

Mr. Larkin later founded the Irish Labor Party that was tasked with forming and conducting a succession of demonstrations. The most memorable of all strikes he led was the Dublin Lockout in 1913 that united more than 100000 workers on strike. This strike went for almost eight months and in due course won the right for impartial hiring. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.historyireland.com/20th-century-contemporary-history/big-jim-larkin-hero-and-wrecker/

During the eruption of world war 1, James organized big demos in Dublin preaching against the war. He is also remembered for traveling to the United States to the funds drive to fight against Britain. Larkin was sentenced of criminal lawlessness and socialism in 1920.

Three years later, he was exonerated and transported to Ireland. While at Ireland, James Larkin coordinated the Worker’s Union of Ireland to help laborers fight for their rights. It’s through this union that he achieved acknowledgment from Communist International in the year 1924.

James was a real moralist as he believed in doing good to everyone and always wanted to set a good example.

James Larkin was a family man. He was married to Elizabeth Brown. They married in 1903 and had four children, and all of them were boys.

Sadly, Larkin fell via a floor as he was supervising the WUI’s Thomas Ashe Hall repairs and later demised in the Meath Hospital while receiving treatment.

What is Stellar? Jed McCaleb’s Newest Venture

In the programming and blockchain world, no one is more revered than Jed McCaleb. McCaleb is one of the true pioneers and innovators of the blockchain world. All of McCaleb’s ventures have one thing in common; he has been creating new ways to connect people together. With his previous companies, eDonkey, Usernet, and Mt. Gox, when it comes down to simple terms, he has been working to help people connect. With a half dozen or so successful companies on his resume, McCaleb has now created Stellar.


Jed McCaleb’s Previous Work


In the early age of the internet, McCaleb created eDonkey and Usernet. They are P2P file sharing programs. The technology behind eDonkey and Usernet are still used to this day. Way back in 2000, McCaleb came up with the idea to have users download a file from multi other users at the same time. This type of decentralized business model can also be attributed to how cryptocurrencies came to be.


Mt. Gox was the first bitcoin exchange in the world. Originally, McCaleb’s intention was purely to create a virtual trading platform for players of Magic: The Gathering Online. It wasn’t long until McCaleb discovered that the coding behind Mt. Gox could be used for much more than trading cards. Eventually, McCaleb sold the company.


What is Stellar?


Stellar is a blockchain company created to aid financial institutions. It was created in a joint effort between Joyce Kim and Jed McCaleb. The company was founded in 2014.


Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim created Stellar after they saw the plentiful flaws in worldwide financial systems. At Stellar, Jed has two main responsibilities: coding & business dealings.


With Stellar, Jed McCaleb hopes to lower the cost of banking to bring financial services to communities and countries that couldn’t previously afford them. Stellar says that 2.5 billion people are without banking services; by using Stellar they intend to bring that number to zero.

Avatrade Review: Your online trading partner

Avatrade is an online Forex broker; the company was founded in 2006 and is located in Dublin Ireland. The formation of the firm was with a combined effort of financial experts who aimed at improving the online trade experience for traders all over the world. Avatrade also aims at empowering people to invest, without fear their firm provides a reliable, efficient and innovative platform.

The company has qualified personnel who are ready to serve their clients and attend to any issues, and all this without compromising on honesty making Avatrade is among the best Forex broker company. Over the years the company has expanded, and more people are using their services, the company has approximately 200,000 registered users, this means that the trading is higher and the trading volumes have risen to $60 billion monthly.

Why is Avatrade the best?

As mentioned earlier, Avatrade has qualified employees who are always ready to serve and attend to all their client’s issues another thing that makes them the best is the substantial financial backing, the firm also has a 24-hour support desk and has created a platform to suit even new traders. They ensure that their platform is easy to understand.

Avatrade provides one with many trading instruments ranging from Forex, stocks, indices as well as commodities. It is also a global company and has the main office in Dublin

The company has also been recognized, and since 2009, has received several awards, the company was recognized for their alert systems in 2016, they were also applauded for providing the best support to their clients.

Avatrade has proven to be a legitimate online trading company where traders can trade freely, other factors that have contributed to the success of the company include; the regulation standards. Avatrade is controlled by the central bank of Ireland, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and the Financial Service Commission.

One of the major concerns for traders is the reliability of a broker, Avatrade has been in the industry for several years now, and their services have not only been appreciated by the many registered users but other stakeholders in the industry.

The Oxford Club Gives Investors the Chance to Outperform the Markets

Can you imagine life tethered to ordinary, average market returns that really get you nowhere fast? The folks at The Oxford Club can’t and they have as their goal the notion that financial independence can untether individuals who avail themselves of their market-beating products and services. They are a network of private investors with an entrepreneurial bent that seeks out the best, most explosive market vehicles that can produce life-changing wealth.

If a better quality of life is an issue for you then The Oxford Club might be a good fit for your investing goals. They are focused on helping their members succeed in the markets to the extent that one’s focus can shift to the most important things in life like family, friends and helping others to craft a stronger community.

The Oxford Communique is the main newsletter in the stable at The Oxford Club and it is the brainchild of noted author Alexander Green. He’s a New York Times best-selling writer who’s also the Chief Investment Strategist for the club. With this high-quality offering, members are able to access the experience and expertise of Green as he analyzes market trends, trading strategies and offers sound investing advice.

The Beyond Wealth essay series is also one of Green’s endeavors and it has proven to be a popular addition to the newsletter. This gives him the chance to articulate his thoughts on various subjects including politics, philosophy and healthy living as well. This newsletter has received accolades for its performance several times and offers a great deal to its subscribers.

The Oxford Club is also home to several trading services that identify market segments that have the capacity to outperform and produce outsized returns. The Momentum Alert is a good example of this and it’s an investment strategy that has been studied extensively in academic circles. The evidence has borne out the validity of momentum strategies and when coupled with the research experts at The Oxford Club a superior product has been devised.

The membership roll of The Oxford Club now contains over 157,000 individuals spread across 131 countries. They continue to grow and give each member the opportunity to create lasting wealth for their families.

Leading a Full Life: Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a man who is living the good life now but it was not always easy for him. He grew up in Palestine and knew early on that he had to work hard to be a success in life. He was born into a big family. He earned his Master’s degree in Egypt and went on from there to live in London and finally the United States. He has always wanted to help children in any way he can. He has also created inventions to advance the course of pediatric surgery in the United States and has two patents for his inventions as well. He also makes sure to go back home to Jerusalem to help the children there. He gives of his time freely to help those that need a doctor’s care the most. He talked with Ideamensch and discussed what makes him a success in his career and a person that everyone should read about.

Dr. Saad Saad was determined to make a success for himself. When he talked about what makes him a success in surgery he follows some strict rules both in and out of the surgery room. The first thing he does is to read the patients file and make sure that the particular procedure is necessary. The second thing he does is to practice the procedure he is going to do to make sure that there are are no complications when the procedure takes place. He makes sure to read the latest textbooks when it comes to more complicated matters. When it comes to the surgery itself he has a strict policy. The first policy he follows is to get a good night’s sleep before the surgery. A good night’s sleep allows him to be focused on the procedure at hand. The second policy is that there is no personal business or talking about personal things once the surgery has started. The final policy is that there is no loud music in the surgery room. With these policies in place, surgeries can be completed more efficiently. That is the way Dr. Saad Saad likes it to be in the surgery room. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad

Dr. Saad Saad also likes to read about people as well. He says that one person everyone should read about is Abraham Lincoln. He was a man who kept this country together during a difficult time in the history of the United States. He thinks he is a remarkable man.

Dr. Saad Saad has retired and stepped away from the surgery room but the impact he has left behind is a tremendous one. He is proof that no matter where you start in life you can be a success if you persevere.

Dick Devos – article recap

Dick and Betsy DeVos are a true power couple. The 59 year old Betsy DeVos and 61 year old Dick DeVos have been known to exercise their influence in a variety of arenas, including not only politics but also philanthropy.


The influence that Dick DeVos had started out in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the year 1991, he was against the plan to build a multi-purpose arena for sports and other sorts of convention events close to downtown. At the time, he was on track to follow his father’s footsteps and be the CEO of Amway, a path that he did not ultimately end up continuing down even though he was the CEO of the company from 1993 to 2002.


He felt strongly against the building of this arena, so he started to lobby against it. He thought that it would be very bad for the downtown area to create this building and add it to the skyline. His initial lobbying precipitated the formation of a group of business leaders who referred to themselves as Grand Action. This group actually ended up having a profound influence on the skyline of the city of Grand Rapids, as they opposed the building of several projects and were responsible for the building of others.


Neither Dick nor Betsy DeVos comes from any sort of a rags-to-riches story, as they were both heirs to their own respective family fortunes. However, instead of coasting on their wealth for their entire lives, they decided to become activists as adults. They have put a great deal of energy in their adult lives into instituting change where they believe it matters. They are both mega donors to the Republican party and have had significant political influences in different areas of the law, particularly laws pertaining to labor and education.


Dick DeVos was responsible for the law that made Michigan into a right to work state that did not require union membership in order for a person to be employed. His wife focused more on expansion of charter schools in the United States. However, this couple has had more influence than their influences on politics and causes that they are supporting for the Republican Party. They have also engaged in a great deal of philanthropy, as their Foundation reported donating approximately 138.7 million dollars to various causes between the years 1989 and 2015. These causes were related to human services, health, arts and culture, churches, leadership programs, policy initiatives, and more. One of their more notable donations is their donation of 12.5 million dollars to the construction of a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids in 2006.


They have also done a great deal for education reform, with Betsy DeVos having expanded charter schools to 24 states around the country. Washington DC has also been affected by her push for charter schools.


Though this couple has not been successful in all of their endeavors to institute change, they have had quite an influence and will likely continue to have an influence in the future.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.

Golden Review for NewsWatch TV Reviews

With a growing number of marketing options available, whether for a company or product, it can be an overwhelming process figuring out what’s legitimate. Enter Newswatch TV, the go-to source for all news pertaining to consumer, technology, travel, health, and entertainment. Not only is it a show that airs on national networks across the United States, they also have an extensive social media presence. Their reviews and distribution reach over 95 million households across the country, with all production done in-house.


According to WeeklyOpinion.com’s criteria, Newswatch TV received a 9.6 rating out of 10. Categories included Production Quality, Very Small Budgets, Comparative Value, Marketing ROI, Success for Clients and Pricing. They received five stars in all categories except Very Small Budgets, where they received four stars, the reason “for extremely small companies, anything over a few hundred dollars might be out of their range.”


The show is hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. They spend the time discussing different consumer products or service reviews, and the different segments usually last between one-two minutes. In addition, some remote interviews are done with people throughout the country, covering a range of topics. Sometimes a celebrity will join in on the discussion if they have a personal connection to the subject. Airing back in 1990, the primary focus was on financial issues, later expanding it’s topics morphing the show into one that covers materials that are of interest to the public.


Including both editorial and paid segments, companies are able to market and promote themselves after an approval process. They have featured popular companies on the show including Panasonic, Audi and Google, and have also hosted celebrity guests such as Mila Kunis, Denzel Washington and and Vin Diesel. Newswatch TV has won many awards including Videographer, Telly and Marcom awards.