Human and Migrant Rights Advocated by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey along with Jim Larkin found out just how difficult it is to pursue justice. In their investigative journalism, they rubbed the Maricopa sheriff the wrong way and consequently found themselves behind bars. The two would later petition the court for wrongful incarceration by the sheriff.

When the case was heard and determined, the two journalists emerged victorious and were awarded compensation by the court. They set up the Frontera Fund to help organizations that champion human rights and migrant rights as well.

Place under Arrest

As journalists, the quest for truth thrust Larkin and his colleague Lacey towards writing an expose on hearings that were being conducted secretly.

The hearings were meant to make a determination on the publications that the two journalists have written on the Maricopa Sherriff. The court was requested to have the material rescinded and the audience punished for entertaining such publications.

Larkin and Lacey

When Michael and Jim went to court to seek redress after being wrongfully incarcerated, they won a big prize in compensation. They decided to use the settlement to boost the fight for human rights.

In order to achieve solid gains in the fight for migrant rights and other human rights, the two journalists are today working with established organizations which have championed these rights for years.

Amnesty International

This is an established organization which is keen on the rights of prisoners. Owing to the good work Amnesty has done over the years it has been severally awarded. The prestigious ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ is one of the awards that adorn its collection cabinet. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

‘Human Rights First’

‘Human Rights First’ is a fierce champion of refugee rights. Issues such as racial profiling are of keen interest to the organization. Larkin and Lacey work closely with this team to help boost the fight against abuses propelled by racial differences and religious belief.

After 9/11, for instance, the anti Muslim sentiment made life very difficult for Muslims in America. Without the assistance of ‘Human Rights First’, such believers would have endured abuses without anyone to defend them honestly.

‘Justice That Works’

This is one of the leading organizations in the fight for justice. The organization is a champion of migrant rights. Michael and Jim work with Ayensa Millan, one of the directors at ‘Justice that Works’. Others leaders in the organization are Mr. Viridana Hernandez and Heather Hamel.

A couple of bats to improve upon your teams offensive production for the stretch run

As the fantasy baseball season comes to a conclusion, many season long players are looking to find a couple of bats to better their offensive categories in their MLB lineups. Search to see if Phillies first baseman Rhys Hoskins and Athletics second baseman Jed Lowrie are available to pick up via a waiver wire claim. Hoskins in his brief stint in the majors has started all 11 games for the Phillies since his call up on August 11th. Although his batting average is below par at .237, Hoskins has provided the Phillies with a boost of power as evident by his five home runs, nine runs driven in, .395 ISO, and .418 w/OBA. He has been inserted in left field for all but two games which has allotted Tommy Joseph to remain in the lineup at first base. Hoskins exhibited these types of power numbers in Double A last season and again this year in the International League Triple A, so expect more of the same for the remainder of 2017.


Those struggling at second base for a bit of power production can turn to Jed Lowrie. Lowrie has exceeded his home run total from last year with 11 while driving in 43 runs. His .271 batting average includes scoring 64 runs. His durability has always been a question for Lowrie, yet in 2017, he has been a mainstay consistently batting in the three hole. One can expect the power to continue throughout the remainder of the year as he continues to maintain a 45 percent fly ball rate. Although the Athletics have packed it in for another year, Lowrie does not have anyone knocking on the door to replace him. In leagues, Lowrie is just 15 percent owned so one ought to have little difficulty in picking him up on the waiver wire. Follow Fantasy Alarm at for further MLB news.

Who Is Bernardo Chua?

When it comes to direct sales Bernardo Chua is always a name that makes it to the top of the list. Over the last decade his main focus has been on finding a way to introduce people all over the world to ganoderma.

The Street shows that Bernardo Chua, affectionately known as Bernie, grew up in the Philippines. Because of his upbringing ganoderma was something he was introduced to early on in his life. He took his knowledge of this powerful herb and used it to become one of the first to market it in that region.

When it came to deciding which business model to use, Chua quickly realized the many benefits associated with direct sales. Not only would it allow him to quickly grow his business in the Philippines, but it would also give him the momentum needed to make the company a global powerhouse.

Over the course of his career Chua has received many different awards including the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. His company, which is known as Organo Gold, was also recognized as one of the best direct selling companies in the food supplement industry. Learn more about Bernado  Chua:

And to top it all off, Chua and Organo Gold was awarded the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award five different times.

Now that Organo Gold is a well established company, Chua is focused on refining it as much as he can so he can continue to grow it into a worldwide brand. He is now working with some of the best organic ganoderma producers in the world.

By working with top producers Chua is able to provide a quality product at a very affordable price. And to make sure Organo Gold is always one step ahead of the competition, Chua regularly funds ganoderma related research.

Philanthropic Activities to Boost Education

Betsy DeVos was born and brought up in Holland, Michigan. Betsy is the daughter of Elsa and Prince Edgar. Betsy DeVos grew up in a wealthy family thus demonstrating her philanthropic attribute. Betsy DeVos attended high school at Holland Christian Institution. After that, Betsy joined Calvin College situated in Grand Rapids where she graduated with her business economics degree. While in college, Betsy took part in the campus politics where in my opinion, her popularity in the policy became nurtured. Currently, Betsy DeVos holds the position of Education Secretary in the United States cabinet. Most of her giving is geared towards supporting groups that advocate for educational reforms and enhancements. According to me, Betsy DeVos intends to create a suitable learning environment for each student to acquire their full potential. Additionally, I postulate that Betsy’s charitable character was nurtured during her upbringing in one of the wealthiest families in Michigan.


According to my research, Betsy DeVos’ recognition stems from her financial giving to her community. I consider Betsy as an ethical individual whose values are propelled towards giving and serving her people. So far, Betsy DeVos has involved her family including her husband, Dick in the donation of an amount totaling $1 billion. In 2013 alone, Betsy DeVos gave away approximate $90 million. According to my calculation of statistics, the percentage crack down of the cash donated is very impressive. Half of the amount was allocated to educational causes whereas faith institutions received about 13% of the money given away. More interesting is the percentage allocated to community and health services which added to 25%. Besides helping institutions and groups individually, Betsy DeVos believes in the power of partnership. Over the years, Betsy has collaborated with faith organizations to aid people with ease access to necessities including food and shelter. Also, Betsy is the pioneer of a program that helped children increase their rate of attendance by 30 percent.


In my opinion, Betsy DeVos involves herself with various committees that advocate and support school choice to supplement her financial activities. Betsy holds leadership posts in various organizations including the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Previously, Betsy DeVos worked at Alliance School Choice and Acton Institute. I believe that Betsy’s diversity in these groups provided her with the right information on the needs of the reform groups to better education. Betsy’s marriage is also a key contributor in her philanthropic activities. Dick DeVos originates from a well off family creating the required platform for Betsy to carry out her donations. Together, the couple was named by the Forbes among the most significant wealthiest households with a net worth of approximately $5.4 billion. I consider Betsy DeVos as passionate of retaining the relevance of her name thus calling institutions she funds using her name.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

Daniel Taub`s Diplomacy in the UK

Taub`s Diplomacy

Daniel Taub is the former ambassador of Israel to Britain. He visited Bradford city, ignoring a controversial comment by George Galloway, Bradford West MP. Galloway said the constituency was an ‘Israel free zone.’

Although the visit was seen as a provocative gesture, Taub explained that he was invited. The purpose of his visit was to hold several meetings with faith leaders and councilors in the city.

The invitation was prompted by Galloway`s comment. The MP believed Bradford should not receive goods and services, tourists and academics from Israel. According to Taub the residents had different attitudes to Galloway`s prompt.

In his reply to Telegraph & Argus, Taub said his short visit was fruitful. He realized the voice of inclusion was the true voice of the city. The residents resisted the voice of exclusion that Galloway was preaching.

He was happy to know how people from different backgrounds and faith can co-operate, work and live together. The action of Bradford`s residents is a model to many regions in the country.

British police started an investigation against George Galloway over his speech. The video that was posted online raised an outcry by social media users. Apart from rejecting Israel`s academics and tourists, Galloway called the nation an illegal, savage and barbarous state. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

In his message to Galloway, Daniel Taub pointed out that Bradford residents are fighting a war between the future and the past. The conflict is not between the Shia and the Sunni, or the right and the left. Taub advised people to join the revolutionists in making a better future. They should avoid being part of Galloway`s ideologies that draw them to the past.

About George Galloway

Galloway has a history of being an anti-Israel bigotry. At one point, he stormed out of a debate because his opponent was an Israeli. People branded him a racist because of his actions. George has also aired conspiracy theories pertaining Israel.

He argued that the Jewish nation had supplied Al-Qaeda with chemical weapons. In the same statement, he said Israel was planning unrest in Ukraine. Although he was recorded while making the comments, Galloway denied the allegations.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub served as Israel`s Ambassador to the UK from 2011 to 2015. He was born in Great Britain in 1962. He is a British writer, an Israeli diplomat and an International lawyer. Taub was educated at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, University College in London and University College in Oxford

Daniel Taub migrated to Israel in 1989. He worked as a reserve officer in international law and a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). In 1991, Taub started working for Israeli Foreign Ministry, where he held numerous diplomatic and legal posts.

An Overview of Vinny Parascandola’s Life and Career

Vincent Parascandola is currently the senior executive VP at AXA Advisors. This position makes him responsible for recruiting, sales, retention, management development, productivity as well as the improvement of fresh and well qualified financial experts. He has been in the industry for over 25 years, making him one of the most experienced professionals.


Vincent Parascandola started his career in 1987 at Prudential as an agent. His dedication and determination in his work saw him scoop the National Rookie of the Year award. In 1990, he moved on and joined the ranks of MONY Life Insurance Company. At MONY Life Insurance, Mr. Parascandola held a number of local as well as provincial field managing positions before eventually joining his current employers, AXA Advisors back in 2004. Before he assumed the divisional presidency, he used to be the Advantage Group president. This was a unit created by AXA in a bid to woo experienced financial experts. Before that, Vincent Parascandola used to be the co-manager of AXA’s New York Metro branch, which comprises of about 400 financial experts. You can visit his Vimeo account for more vides.

Awards and Public Speaking

Mr. Parascandola’s leadership qualities and traits have not gone unnoticed as he has managed to win a number of accolades in his career. Among the most notable awards, which include the Career Development award by GAMA and Master Agency Awards. Vincent Parascandola is brilliant in public speaking, a feat which has made him become a most sought-after speaker in various industry and company conferences. He has so far spoken at the national LAMP meeting organized by GAMA as well as the distribution conferences by LIMRA. He holds a GAMA membership and is a former president of the Florida chapter. He has also chaired Field Officers Committee of LIMRA in the past. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Education History

Vincent Parascandola went to Pace University, New York. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree. He recently returned to his alma mater, precisely in 2014, where he had the honor of giving the commencement speech during the graduation ceremony held on the same year. Mr. Parascandola has for around 17 years held a trade securities registration. He is also subject to FINRA and SEC oversight. Check out Alumnius for more details.

See more:

Julia Jackson: Wine Expert and Philanthropist

Julia Jackson is the middle child of wine giants Jess Jackson and Barbara Banks. Born in 1988 in San Francisco, Julia Jackson grew up around wine and was helping in the vineyard’s fields from a young age. As a child she was helping sort through grapes with her parents. It was while helping her parents in the field that she befriended a worker’s daughter, who was French. This helped instill a great love for France in Julia Jackson. This friendship also enabled her to spend a summer in Bordeaux, which encouraged her love of the culture and language.

Her fluency in the language opened up opportunities for Julia Jackson to teach French in an intermediate school while in college. Then, after graduating from Scripps College with her Bachelors’ of Arts in Studio Art, Julia Jackson traveled back to Bordeaux and spent time there in a business capacity. She learned French (and international) wine sales and marketing, she furthered her fluency in the language, and she spent time at her family’s French-owned winery where she helped to work during the harvest.

Read more:

Growing up around wine and working for her family has given Julia the unique opportunity to spend her whole life becoming an expert on the topic. She recently voiced her opinion that although Sonoma is typically known for its Pinot Noir and Cabernet, after a recent tasting she believes it is the best place for Cabernet, as well. Her family also is owner of the Spire Collection, which includes the best wineries in Sonoma and Napa, as well as Tuscany and Julia’s beloved Bordeaux.

Julia has set herself apart as a philanthropist. She is founder of Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, which is a nonprofit set up to empower and celebrate warrior women in local communities.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Taking it to Amazon

Amazon has been so far ahead in the fashion e-commerce market that they usually just hit the gas if any clothing competitor starts closing in on their turf. Looking at how dominant Amazon has been in this decade, they have been gobbling up over 20 percent of all the sales in this one market without much resistance from thousands of other clothing competitors. Then out of nowhere, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics pulls away from the crowd and zeros in on Amazon. In the last three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold $250 million in their women’s workout active-wear.


When Hudson talks about how her athleisure brand is different from the other brands in this space, the reason for the success may surprise some. Most thing her high quality and celebrity status, but it is more about her membership benefits and reverse showrooming instead. Inside a local mall, we walk into a Fabletics retail shop and find women of all ages trying on yoga pants, browsing the racks for tank tops, ordering leggings, and taking the lifestyle quiz. Many leave the store without making a purchase, and Hudson says that is because there is no pressure by sales associates towards customers to have to buy.


If so many customers are allowed to leave the store without buying, how is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics dominating in this competitive fashion e-commerce market? The success is partly due to the customers trying on all that clothing inside the store. Each time a member tries on a piece of workout apparel, it is uploaded to the member’s online account page. This simple yet effective process allows these customers to easily continue their shopping when it is convenient for them, picking up at the exact point they stopped in the retail store. Without the concern about the clothing fitting any longer, they will impulse shop in an online inventory that is enormous.


The membership benefits for all loyal Fabletics customers includes discounted active-wear pricing, free shipping for online orders, and even your own personal shopper. Your shopper picks one piece each month based on your lifestyle quiz answers, making it even easier for you to shop. The entire shopping experience at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is unique and exciting for women who are looking to be treated for their loyal service. Unlike Amazon, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics continues to look for ways to reward their shoppers and turn them into long-term loyal customers.

The Formation Of IDLife By Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a well-known author and leader. He trains people on entrepreneurship and how to manage their ongoing business. Logan was very good at baseball in his early years. He founded Premier Baseball Academy that offers baseball classes. Logan holds a degree in business from Panola and a degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. Logan Stout lives in Frisco, Texas and is married to Haley and they have two boys.

Logan is the founder and CEO at IDLife and is also a renowned philanthropist. He started this company, IDLife, in 2014. The Company focusses on providing organic supplements that provide nutritional benefits to the body. The supplements are also used for those in need of managing their weight. Logan Stout is very passionate about helping others. He and other speakers with the same focus in life have partnered to assist in training others on leadership skills.

Read more on Crunchbase

IDLife has partners that are nationally recognized such as Troy Aikman, Darwin Deason, and Jen Widerstrom. This has led them to be able to provide high-quality nutritional products. In 2016, IDLife was among the top the 100 Solid MLM companies worldwide. The birth of IDLife was brought about by Logan after meeting the personal doctor of Zig Ziglar. The doctor has created a one of a kind of customized vitamin program. After long discussions of the natural, hormonal free and organic ingredients with the doctor, the IDNutrition came into being. Before IDLife was thought of, Logan Stout was looking for a company that was focused on wellness to invest in.

Logan Stout loves to brainstorm ideas. He believes that every idea brought to the table is valuable as it can lead to the birth of another brilliant idea. IDLife collects individual information from members and uses it to provide personalized products for use. Every individual has different needs and the Company has capitalized on providing products that suit their needs. IDLife also provides an actionable 3-step program for individuals to reach their set goals. IDLife has also partnered with Garmin, their partnership is focused on providing positive life changes and making it easier to track fitness.

Learn more about Logan Stout:

George Soros Rises Again

Billionaire investor, hedge-fund owner, philanthropist and political force George Soros is back in the political game once again, after taking several steps back in recent years. According to a recent story in Politico, Soros, who had given major funding to political groups working against the re-election of George W. Bush back in 2004, stepped back from the political arena during the Obama years. Yet Soros has come back, and is as involved in politics as ever. All of this is quite a feat for a man in his mid-80s, but this Hungarian immigrant and war survivor has always defied the odds. Now it seems he is doing it all over again. Learn more about his profile at

A Relationship with Clinton

Soros made himself a political presence again when Hillary Clinton’s presidential run fired up last year. Soros gave $25 million to help support Clinton’s campaign, as he strongly believed in her as a candidate, and believed that she would prevail. He was also strongly motivated by his distrust of candidate Donald Trump. According to Soros, Trump is “doing the work of ISIS” by stirring up so much fear in the US and around the world. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Soros ability to give so lavishly to political campaigns comes from his unparalleled success as a hedge fund manager and as a currency trader. Soros has always been willing to take major risks, and his track record shows his incredible financial acumen. He’s currently thought to be worth $24.9 billion, and is again active in the financial markets. One of the positive aspects behind Soros’ generosity as a political donor is his way of motivating other donors to give even more. It all adds up to a lot of influence in this realm, and Soros is committed to really making a difference however he can.

Soros’ political activities have made him many enemies among conservative groups, but that’s not something that will ever slow down the dynamic George Soros. Now that Trump is president, there’s no doubt George Soros will continue to be active in politics for the foreseeable future.