Roberto Santiago: Becoming a Shopping Mall Tycoon

The city of Joao Pessoa is frequented by tourists because of the pristine white sand beaches which dotted its coast, and its rich culture and history. The easternmost point in the Americas can also be found in the city, drawing in thousands of tourists every year. Through the years, the economy of the city improved, and more businesses started to appear. Roberto Santiago, who was a writer, became one of the major contributors to the city’s economy after he built a gigantic shopping mall in the central business district. He is now considered as Joao Pessoa’s shopping mall guru, and the introduction of his malls changed the lives of the local people, and the edifice that he built put Joao Pessoa on the map.



Starting off his career as a writer for a news publication, Roberto Santiago never imagined that he would become a shopping mall tycoon one day. In 1987, he found a desirable lot located in the heart of the city. He decided to purchase the land using the money that he has saved from his job as a writer, and he had to think about what he can do with the lot. He came up with the idea of building the city’s first mall, and he had to get the help from the best contractors in the city. The development and the construction of the shopping mall took two years, and in 1989, the Manaira Shopping opened its doors to the public. Roberto Santiago was delighted, stating that it was a dream-come-true for him to see the shopping mall he envisioned to be standing in front of him.



The Manaira Shopping is considered to be the largest mall in the state of Paraiba. Since its opening in 1989, the mall has undergone several expansions and renovations. Today, the shopping mall has a lot of facilities and amenities in store for everyone. There is a world-class entertainment center which has the best cinema complex, bowling alley and arcade in the state, and there is the expanded food court which offers gourmet and budget-friendly meals from around the world. A lot of brands can also be found inside the mall, and its rooftop has also been transformed to become a concert hall, called the Domus Hall. Aside from the usual amenities inside the shopping mall, Manaira Shopping also has a residential complex, educational institution, offices, and banks operating inside its premises.



Roberto Santiago’s career has come a long way, from being a writer to a shopping mall tycoon. He stated that he would continue his business, and he now has a plan of constructing another mall inside the city. He is also touring around the country to look for space where he can build his next shopping mall.



Three Reasons for the Success of Waiakea Water

The planet earth is made of mostly water. Water is a like a life support system in so many ways and it is important to our very existence. Just walk into any grocery store and you will come to over five or more brands of water packed in plastic jugs just ready to be taken home for everyone to drink. In this fight to keep their brand of water above the rest, more and more bottled water companies are doing whatever they can to make their brand stand out. However, there is one company that is leading the pack when it comes to being more eco-friendly. That brand is Waiakea water and here are three reasons for their success.

1. Waiakea water is alkaline. There aren’t many waters that can say that. The ph balance makes them unique. They have done many tests to showcase these details to the public. If you scout around the internet you are bound to run into one of the places where they show you an example of them testing the PH.

2. As if Waiakea water ph balance was not enough, This water is very special because it is Hawaiian volcanic water. This reason it is called Hawaii volcanic water is that the water is filtered by using 14,000 feet of volcanic rock from a volcano in Hawaii. They use the Mauna Loa volcano and the process is quite amazing. It really is volcanic water from Hawaii, how sweet is that? This water is without a doubt a natural product and that filtration process is eco-friendly too.

3. Now those two reasons alone would put the water on the top of the eco-friendly water list. However, the carbon footprint reduction does not stop there. We all know that the plastic bottles are very bad for the environment. They just don’t break down and not many are recycled. Even if they can be recycled, some people just don’t take the time to do so. Waiakea wanted to make a better product over all and they took steps to make a better bottle. They created the first degradable plastic bottle. Now, this an eco-friendly water we all can be happy with.

Elysium Health Prioritizes Your Cellular Health

Elysium Health is an emerging direct-to-consumer science brand. Founded in 2014, the company has invested a lot of time and money to develop a new supplement aimed at helping people improve their well-being. It operates based on the idea that cellular health is a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, Elysium Health is working towards helping people live healthier for longer. Dr. Guarente is an expert in genetic and molecular causes of aging, working as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. The company works together with world-class scientists from other prestigious universities to create clinically validated products that work.


Basis is a supplement that supports cellular health by increasing levels of NAD+, a coenzyme in our cells that tends to decline as we age. NAD+ serves several critical functions within our cells, which is why it is so critical to maintain higher levels of this coenzyme. Basis is intended for long-term daily use in order to help support your cellular health. Basis contains no artificial colors or flavors as part of its formula and is also vegan, vegetarian, gluten- and nut-free.

Basis was clinically tested in 2016. Participants were divided into three groups. Group one took the recommended daily dose of Basis; group two took double the recommended daily dose of Basis; group three took a placebo. The results showed that taking two capsules of Basis (the daily recommended dose) increased NAD+ in humans by an average of 40 percent.

Taking Basis is most effective when it is combined with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Elysium Health provides both monthly subscriptions to Basis, ranging between $40 and $50 per month, as well as individual sales of the supplement. For more information about Elysium Health, the science behind Basis, and the scientists working with the company, visit Elysium Health’s website at

Staying Young and Energetic with Jeunesse

Questions are often raised about the legitimacy of health companies’ offerings. That skepticism is rightly directed at the mixture of motives and results at play, which are important factors to consider before putting anything in your body. Fortunately, Jeunesse is a company that prides itself on offerings that have been proven time and again to work for people of all ages and walks of life. It brings nine solid product categories to the table in its emphasis on natural wellness in all areas of the human body.

Jeunesse started with Randy and Wendy, two enterprising investors who had started and worked with other business ventures in the past. Their recent successes paved the way for Jeunesse to become a reality, which allowed the duo to emerge from retirement and deliver high-quality age-prevention and -reversal products to the world. With a heavy emphasis on the symbolic significance of the number 9, wellness and longevity are the passions they share with everyone who seeks to restore and maintain their vitality.

The Nine Steps

Jeunesse’s number-one offering is their nine-step Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which is designed to address multiple areas of the human body in an effort to undo the damage that’s caused by oxidative free radicals, radiation and poor dieting. It provides the half of the picture that most people can’t get down in a day-to-day dietary plan: vitamins, minerals, proteins and herbs that synergize toward a unified cause.

These offerings tackle everything from difficulty sleeping, depressive moods and brain fog to fitness troubles and more, and each of the nine steps is broken into multiple sub-products that form that particular regimen. In addition, not all products are applied the same way; rather, each category is uniquely designed to combat an age-related issue head-on whether it’s a topical ointment, powder mix, supplement capsule or a naturally based energy drink.

Many of the formulas that Jeunesse uses in its products are proprietary. While this may raise concerns, their natural composition means that the potential side effects should be minimal for most users. All in all, their products have been proven to work well for its users, and this is to say that Randy and Wendy have indeed realized their vision with Jeunesse.

In Aerospace: The Influence and Ingenuity of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is the former chairman, president, and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is currently semi-retired, but maintains the position of advisor to Goldman Sachs. He was born in Quebec, Canada, and graduated from HEC with a bachelor degree in production management. He started his career at General Motors, and quickly rose to the position of Production General Manager. In 1993 he moved to Pratt and Whitney, an aerospace manufacturer, and subsidiary of the global United Technologies Corporation. Chenevert revolutionized the aerospace industry through his work at UTC, and in 2006 was elected CEO and president.

Louis Chenevert is considered a pioneer and visionary for his work at Pratt and Whitney and UTC. He oversaw the design of the Pratt and Whitney geared turbofan engine, which reduced fuel consumption by 16% and emissions by a remarkable 50%.

During the 2006 recession, many corporations were rushing to foreign outsourcing as a solution to their problems. Chenevert did not want to compromise on the quality of UTC products, so he made the radical decision to centralize engineers and laborers in Connecticut. In doing this, he was able to cut costs, improve efficiency, and cultivate the economic benefits of keeping his business and suppliers within the US.

One of the most remarkable undertakings of Chenevert’s UTC career was the acquisition of Goodrich, a rubber manufacturer. In 2011, United Technologies Corporation bought Goodrich, and this acquisition made UTC an industrial conglomerate, and expanded its dominance in the global economy.

Louis Chenevert has been recognized for his work in the aerospace industry. He was declared “Person of the Year” for 2011 by Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, received the very prestigious Honor Award from the National Building Museum and an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal.

Because of Louis Chenevert’s ingenuity and imagination, UTC can provide jobs to US employees and suppliers across the nation. By ensuring that UTC maintains quality products and public responsibility, and with productions in both the commercial and military sectors, Chenevert created a manufacturing giant with the ability to consistently meet the needs of its clients, workers and shareholders.

Jose Hawilla: Establishing a Sports Marketing Firm

In 1980, the Traffic Group was founded by a former sports broadcaster who transformed into a businessman and an entrepreneur. Jose Hawilla, after establishing the Traffic Group, hoped that more people would develop an interest in watching different sports events, both locally and internationally. The Traffic Group is responsible for promoting local and international sporting events, and they have been one of the major partners of the Olympics and the World Cup which were held in Brazil back in 2016 and 2014, respectively. The multinational sports marketing conglomerate quickly became one of the most successful sports marketing firms in the history of Brazil. The brilliant business method that Jose Hawilla is proven to be effective, as the Traffic Group is now experiencing the fruits of his labor. The Traffic Group has acquired several smaller firms and companies which are operating in the same industry. Jose Hawilla wanted to make a monopoly of the sports marketing sector, which is why he is on the move to include all of their competitors into their business. The sporting events being held in Brazil has permissions from several broadcasting networks. It is essential so that the event can be broadcasted on TV. Jose Hawilla, on the other hand, has partnered with some of the most popular TV Stations in Latin America to promote the events and to gain more viewership for profit. Check out Wikipedia to see more.

The company has more than 40 years of history. The Traffic Group, since 1999, has acquired some smaller companies. It includes The Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Incorporated, and they have also purchased 49% of Mercosur by buying their shares. Jose Hawilla would not stop from purchasing just their rivals; he would also purchase some TV networks to promote the games. Through his effort, more people have become aware of the games being held in Brazil, and more people have paid their tickets to visit the country and experience the events itself. Visit traffic for more.

The efforts of Hawilla to promote sports in his home country were proven to be successful. Today, most Brazilians would love to watch a sporting event taking place in Brazil because of excessive marketing.

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American Institute of Architects: How to Identify the Best Leader

Robert Ivy is a dedicated and passionate architect who has been advocating for his profession since he was in college. He has been the voice of the architects when the profession is being under fire for several issues concerning the society, politics and the environment. He is telling everyone how important the profession is with building the community, and he stated that without architects, civilizations would never have come this far. After obtaining his degree in Architecture, Robert Ivy decided to join the American Institute of Architects, and he served the organization as one of the members of the board of directors during the 1990s decade. He worked hard for the organization, and the members have noticed his passion for serving the American Institute of Architects. In 2011, the organization elected its new officers, and Robert Ivy was given the position to become the executive vice president and the chief executive officer. He will be working from the headquarters of the American Institute of Architects in Washington D.C., managing the organization’s $56 million yearly budget and its employees numbering more than 200.

As the new head of the organization, Robert Ivy is tasked to direct the organization for the better. He claimed that he would focus on the issues surrounding the American Institute of Architects, and he will do his best to address all of the concerns within the organization. He is also planning to unify the organizations 300 local chapters, and even the chapters located outside the United States. Robert Ivy believes that proper communication can improve the organization and if all of the members know each other, and are supportive of each other. Visit at  to know more about Robert Ivy

The former head of the organization has congratulated Robert Ivy on his new role within the organization. Retired officers of the American Institute of Architects have stated their confidence on Robert Ivy, saying that he has the experience and the skills to become the leader of the architects who are practicing in the United States. He was unanimously chosen to become the organization’s new head, and they are confident that the profession will be recognized further because of a leader like Robert Ivy. The former officers of the American Institute of Architects also revealed that they are ready to help Robert Ivy whenever he needs assistance in leading the organization.

The American Institute of Architects is considered as one of the oldest organization for professionals in the United States. The organization was established in 1857, and they have become one of the largest professional organizations in the country as more architects have decided to become a member. American Institute of Architects has more than 90,000 in the present, and the number keeps on increasing. They are monitoring the safety and the behavior of all the architects in the United States.

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Betsy DeVos’s Beliefs on the Education System

Betsy DeVos was appointed as the Secretary of Education earlier this year, paving the way for changes within the entire department now under control of the Republican party.

Transgender Rights Reversed
Education secretary Betsy Devos has a brief meeting with the Education Department’s representative of gay and transgender employees to warn them in advance of President Trump’s impending actions to repeal the federal restroom policy for transgender students set in place under the Obama administration.

During the meeting, she an aide assured the representative that Ms. DeVos tried to prevent the reversal from happening, although she gave no public sign of her opposition. DeVos joined Trump in announcing the new policy, followed by an announcement on Thursday to the Conservative Political Action Conference that the guidelines were a prime example of what she stated as an example of the ‘Obama Administration’s overreach’.

DeVos’ Political Background
Individuals who had the opportunity to interact and observe Ms. DeVos over the years during her time as a leading advocate of charter schools and school vouchers, as well as a Michigan Republican Party chairwoman (96-00) and major donor to the Republican party, have warned others that she will be a rather submissive team player for the Education System.

In her home state, she maintained the reputation of a relentlessly determined individual that was effective in achieving her goals while utilizing her family’s fortune. She instilled fear in opposing individuals in order to pass legislation and unseat lawmakers who stood against her. Mike Cox, a former state attorney general, explained that she did so, not only because she is a billionaire but because she is very determined to achieve goals once she develops them. DeVos used her wealth to punish those in opposition while also rewarding individuals who stood beside her in support.

Critics and admirers expect DeVos to build ties within the Education Department and get her way, regardless of the fact that she has no experience inside government and minimal history with the president.

Background Influencing DeVos’s View on Funding
Over the years, DeVos and her husband have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Potter’s House, a K-12 Christian school five miles outside of Grand Rapids. Given DeVos’s cultural ties to the Netherlands and her hometown’s ethnics, it is no surprise to many that she believes public schools do no deserve equal public funding. In the late 1800s, there was a great debate over what public education should look like.

Several Liberal politicians believed secular public schools as opposed to religious schools, which they believed did not deserve equal public funding. Critics see a clear violation of the commitment to separate church and state, while others view it as a basis for equal treatment.

Given the push to utilize public funding within the private education system, as well as the quick tackle of transgender rights, it is difficult to tell if there is a true separation of public and church or if the entire system is moving toward combining the two once and for all. Learn more:

How Fabletics Benefits from Positive Reviews by its Consumers.

Fabletics is a clothing company established in 2013 that ensures all its products are up-to-date regarding fashion. The company earns an incredible reputation in the business world for being a firm that grew its net worth into a $250 million within three years. Fabletics prides itself on being founded by renowned professionals who include Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg. Hudson is well-known across the universe as an actress who has achieved in the corporate world despite being an individual who lacked knowledge and skills in the business world. Don and Adam are recognized for being founders of Techstyle Fashion Group, a renowned company in the online fashion world. The clothing company began through an incorporation with Techstyle, which saw Fabletics sharing resources including employees and funds. Its resilience towards success in the fashion world has made it become a stylish brand that produces quality workout gears.


The clothing company has grown over the years to become the leading producer of athleisure brands in the market across the universe. Their products are recommended by celebrities and personalities like Demi Lovato, who are seen wearing Fabletics outfits during workout sessions. Employees of the company including Kate Hudson, promote the authenticity of the brand through wearing the workout gears while exercising. The clothing encourages its customers to take a lifestyle quiz, which ensures that individuals are well-groomed by matching them with costumes that are fit. Since its establishment, it has grown to become the leading company with over one million customers. The firm has expanded its business across the globe through online social networks including Facebook. The corporation earns positive reviews and recommendations from clients who appreciate reliability and efficiency within the firm, experienced during an online purchase of outfits.


Kate Hudson uses her skills in design, sales, marketing, and accounting, to ensure the success of Fabletics. The firm’s success in the business world saw it being awarded a top rating by the Better Business Bureau. The company incorporates a data approach technique that assists it during research in the trending fashion as well as knowing customer preferences in the market. The corporation is set aside for being able to meet and exceed needs of clients on an online platform. Fabletics has several departments including a customer care division that ensures consumer satisfaction. The clothing company has the highest number of merchants in the fashion industry. The firm is managed by Gregg Thorgmartin who serves as its president.


With the rise of the number of consumers relying on reviews and recommendations of products, Fabletics has taken into consideration social media strategies that offer a platform that customers can post their views. The company believes that crowd-sourced reviews influence the decision of a buyer to purchase a commodity. Positive comments about products encourage a consumer to buy the product, which in turn increases the revenue of a firm. Fabletics works on customer behavior to ensure that needs of clients are met. Affirmative reviews attract more customers alongside retaining previous buyers. Favourable opinions of consumers place a product on the top rank involved during searching of commodities online.

What’s to Love About Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water?

Everybody knows that there’s certainly no shortage of companies bottling water these days. All you have to do is go to your local grocery store and see them all lined up on the shelves. In fact, it’s a $100 billion industry worldwide. And, did you know who currently consumes the most bottled water of all? Italy!

They’re Not All Alike

So, contrary to popular opinion, not all bottled waters are the same. Some, for one reason or another, are simply better than others. Is it the packaging, where it comes from, or the process that make them different? Well, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water does stand out from the rest. First of all, it comes from Hawaii, which in itself, generally makes us all think of fresh and natural. In addition, “wai akea” in Hawaiian means “broad waters.” And, the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water’s filtering process consists of running the water through 14,000 ft. of porous volcanic rock at the Mauna Loa volcano.

Degradable Bottles

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is better for the environment, too. Why? Well, because they are a step ahead of their competition since they care about the environment and use plastic bottles that are degradable and made from recycled plastic. And, the company has been certified “Carbon Neutral” for utilizing vehicles that are low-emission for delivering their products. In addition, three percent of the revenue is going to non-profits and local community programs.

Bottom-Line: It Tastes Great!

And, the very best thing about Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is, of course, the taste. This water simply tastes amazingly fresh, which is what it’s all about. If it didn’t taste so good, it wouldn’t be as popular as it is with the bottled-water-drinking public. That’s what makes it so unique and sets it apart from all of the many other bottled waters on the market today. And, the fact that they’re so environmentally friendly, makes this company a breath of fresh air, much like you might find in Hawaii.